Disney Infinity 2.0: Post-Script.

While the second iteration of Disney Infinity came out during the Fall of last year, it takes a few months for all of the content and figurines to roll out, meaning that it’s not quite a “complete” experience for a while. And while the final two figures made their reveal a few months back, and talk of the third iteration (Star Wars) is already well underway, I wanted to be sure that I had as “complete” an experience that I could in order to properly review this game.

The focus on 2.0 is the Marvel Super Hero Universe. Everything Marvel (save for two very notable franchises) are present in some form or fashion of the game, now alongside the previous Disney content. Ever wanted to have an adventure with Captain America and Buzz Lightyear? Spider-Man and Stitch? Hulk and Donald Duck? Well, now the option is available, and it’s as goofy and brilliant as you hoped it would be.

Disney Infinity 2.0 is less a sequel, and more an expansion. Everything you liked about the first game (save for playset access) now acts as the foundation for a slew of new content. The Avengers, Spider-Msn and Guardians of the Galaxy now all have Read the rest of this entry

The Return To Disney Infinity.

A few weeks back, the first trailer for Disney Infinity 2.0 came out, and as you guess, it’s all (mostly) about Marvel.

I say mostly, because three Disney characters were snuck into the preview: Stitch, Maleficent, and Merida. Also, eagle eyed viewers may have also noticed Buzz Lightyear driving Madame Medusa’s “Swampmobile” from The Rescuers. The “vintage” stuff is coming, and will hopefully have a larger role than in the previous game.

The appearance of Captain America and the other Avengers didn’t come as a surprise. Nor did Loki, for that matter, as he was the main antagonist of the blockbusters smash two years back. For that matter, seeing Rocket Raccoon and Groot (perhaps as one character?) didn’t surprise me either, as Guardians of the Galaxy is due soon, and if Infinity is really going to be the new replacement for movie tie-in games as Disney has claimed, then it makes sense. However, seeing M.O.D.O.K., Green Goblin, and Spider-Man(!) in the trailer were very nice surprises. Disney claims that 18 Marvel characters will make their debut in this new game, and we’ve potentially seen 12-13 of these new reveals. Personally, I would like to see some Read the rest of this entry

Disney Infinity: Lone Ranger: Post-Script.

Part of the appeal of Disney Infinity is that it expands the worlds, characters and themes of the game over time (and gameplay components). Disney has mentioned before that a lot of their upcoming properties will be introduced via the overall game instead of standalone titles. Frozen will be one of these titles, and while still unconfirmed, it wouldn’t surprise me if the upcoming Muppets and Captain America movies will hold true to this new philosophy.

Part of this has already been introduced with the Lone Ranger set. While the movie didn’t bode as well as Disney hoped, it still made it as part of the first run of movie to game content for Disney Infinity.

Regardless of how you felt about the movie, Lone Ranger is a worthwhile playset.

It holds up well as an adventure, providing 6-8 hours worth of gameplay, a whole lot of set pieces to add to the Toy Box, and is the second best playset available after Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto have a lot to do, keeping up with Butch Cavendish’s gang of desperados (and to get this out of the way, no, Cavendish does not have any special heart eating Read the rest of this entry

Latest Gaming News.

I’m working on trying to get back to a more regular posting format. It’s been a long process of trying to keep updated with games, news, and more importantly, just playing them. Fortunately, I’ve been more active with gaming in the last month, so there’s a bit to write about.

Let’s start with the Gamestop Expo. that was in Las Vegas a few weeks back. I can tell you this much: It was a more than ideal place to gather StreetPass with my 3DS. It was a smaller, consumer oriented E3, but it did showcase the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and this Fall’s games. It also gave me an opportunity to shamelessly mug in some gaming scenarios:

The show was fun, and while it didn’t show anything earth-shatteringly new or exclusive, it did allow the public to get an early hands on for a lot of the upcoming titles this year.

After the Expo wrapped, Nintendo announced the 2DS…. And I thought it was an article from The Onion.

I can’t win. I must be one of the few people in the gaming community who thinks the device is a silly idea, and never had the “eye crippling” experience Read the rest of this entry

Disney Infinity: Post-Script.

This has been one of the games that I have really been looking forward to this year. While I never got into the whole Skylanders thing, I am very much a huge Disney fan. The idea of meshing pretty much everything Disney was too much to even comprehend, and the trailers showed more and more possibilities. But this game had a lot to live up to.

I think people honestly forget how big Disney is: There are the live action and animated films, nature films, theme parks, cruise lines, radio stations, record labels, retail stores, ESPN, ABC Television, Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax, Broadway shows, ice shows…. That’s not even counting properties like Pixar, Lucasfilm (Star Wars/Indiana Jones), Marvel Comics (Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men), Muppets, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers…. It’s a LOT of properties and potential ideas.

And that’s what they are trying to accomplish in this game.

From the opening moment the game begins, it is undeniably Disney. When you are greeted by Mickey Mouse and asked to follow him down a glowing, ever growing world, I freely admit that I started to grin as Rapunzel, Jack Skellington, Woody, Wreck-It Ralph, and others greeted me cheerfully as I Read the rest of this entry

Wish List: Disney Infinity.

With any crossover multi-character game, everyone has their own wish lists. Sure, some of them make sense, others are fan wishes, and others… and just plain crazy and make zero sense whatsoever.

Having recently pre-ordered Disney Infinity for the 360, and interacting on their Facebook page (where the site mods are very interactive and responsive), I have my own ideas of what I would like to see come to the game as this as being touted as the “future” of Disney gaming, essentially replacing stand-alone titles (mixed feelings on this), and becoming Disney’s most ambitious gaming project to date.

If you didn’t know, I’m a huge Disney fan. I know a lot of of the lore and history (and have even worked with them a time or two), so I’m going to try to be pretty expansive with what I’d like to see. Disney as a company is big, and it’s easy to forget how big they are. They own ESPN, the ABC network, and licenses for Muppets, Star Wars/Indiana Jones, Marvel Comics, Power Rangers…. And that’s still a small sampling, and while it would be easy to fill just with Marvel and Star Wars alone (and I’d like Read the rest of this entry

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