For those of you who don’t know much about my other lines of work past the video gaming aspects (which was years ago), I am an actor. You may have seen me around, and may not have even realized it. In fact, my name on here comes from one of those roles (and long-time readers know that I referenced that origin some time ago if you care to hit the archives). So when Yoostar 2 was announced, I was intrigued. Could this game essentially be the Rock Band for actors?

Largely, I’d have to say “Yes”.

The concept is simple. Using the 360’s or (PS3’s) camera, players can integrate themselves into a set (and growing) number of television shows and movies (from Casablanca to The Hangover, to show how far reaching the eras go), and there’s DLC, so the number of options could only grow at this point.

The tech itself is actually really cool. The game removes one of the actors from one of these films and puts you in their place instead. The video quality isn’t as seamless as the promotional videos portray. It’s not bad, and like real acting, changes in lighting, color Read the rest of this entry