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Wii: Four Years Later.

It seems crazy to think that it was back in 2006 when my buddy Steve and I camped out overnight at a Target in the freezing cold in a out of the way area of San Diego for my Wii. The mad rush, the pushy customers who just wanted to sell one on eBay….

It’s been an interesting four years watching the evolution of this system. It was the first system that pushed motion controls as a viable alternative to traditional controllers. It’s the first Nintendo system that has (if somewhat still half-heartedly) attempted online play and downloadable content. On a personal note, it is also the first Nintendo system that has ever failed on me not once, but multiple times (oh, the save data loss and missing Miis still sting).

It’s been a weird system, to be sure. Most systems usually do not start with a rush of shovelware, which later evolves into a slew of solid gaming content. But the Wii has been “backwards” from the beginning. The graphically weakest. The one that stood outside of the console wars, not matching feature for feature the online communities, leaderboards, social content, and reward Read the rest of this entry

Supporting The "Little Guy".

As this generation has progressed on, I’ve found myself going more retro. And more into the arms of the downloadable world.

There have been a lot of new games based on “retro” content: Mega Man 9 and 10, Scott Pilgrim, the Bit.Trip series, and more for the focus of this post, Telltale Games.

Telltale’s quick history lesson will instantly tell you that they were a bunch of ex-Lucasarts employees who founded themselves in 2004 because they wanted to make adventure games. They had already endeared themselves to me with the release of the Strong Bad series, and their updates of Sam & Max and Monkey Island were certainly notable.

Even tomorrow, they are set to do some crazy reveal with characters from the aforementioned Sam & Max and Strong Bad, but also from Penny Arcade and Valve’s Team Fortress 2.

The trailer raises a lot of questions while saying nothing in return, other than apparently joining forces with another great developer and another popular webcomic.

Speaking of popular licenses, there’s also this matter:

Telltale is also making a Back to the Future and Jurassic Park series of games, which were two of my favorite films (and theme park rides) growing up.

Back To the Future seems Read the rest of this entry

Retro City Rampage Trailer.

Okay, so I’m a little late to the party with discovering this one, but the concept looks entertaining:

It’s it bad that I remember a disturbing amount of these titles from my NES glory days?

I wonder when this will be coming to WiiWare?

Gaming Of Late.

It never fails. I go a few weeks/months of not playing it, but just like that, I go back to Elder Scrolls IV.

I suppose it’s a testament to the game. I don’t have a major urge to rush and “beat” the game anytime soon. I spend a lot of time exploring, fighting, powering up my character, and trying to complete some of my stray quests. I’m sure I’ll get back to the main storyline one of these days, but I honestly just like tromping around to see what’s out there. This is perhaps the only single-player, offline MMORPG (a contradiction in terms, I know) that I’ve ever invested this much time in. The last MMO I ever seriously attempted was Star Wars Galaxies, and to call it a disappointment is an understatement. I wanted to go out and fight the good fight, not watch a bunch of dancers stat grinding (I know there’s more to the game than just that, but the presentation and unrealized potential is still no less disappointing). It somewhat broke my interest on wanting to try new MMOs, until I see something that breaks the tedium and really piques Read the rest of this entry

The Nintendo Difference.

I decided to wait a few weeks after E3 to really sit down and discuss Nintendo’s new line-up for the Wii. I’m sold on the 3DS purely due to my love for Kid Icarus: Uprising, and after 20+ years, one takes what they can get. Of course, Starfox 64 3D and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D hold my interest as well. But it’s a telling sign that a lot of games are getting crazy for two remakes that are over 10+ years old, and a franchise that hasn’t been touched in two decades. Honestly, it sounds like the current state of the film industry, doesn’t it?

Of course, there will be other titles, and the line-up does look exciting, so that’s little more than an observation on my part.

For the Wii itself, things couldn’t be better as far as retail goes. For a while, my interests remained purely with WiiWare titles and Virtual Console selections. For the time being (or seemingly indefinitely), NoA has shelved the Virtual Console, which is unfortunate. From 3-4 games a week, to one game a week, to hoping for at least one game a month, one of my Read the rest of this entry

The Bit.Trip Series.

I’m starting to feel like I have a “broken relationship” with my Wii.

Here I am, just a few posts back, ready to pack up and leave my old feelings of interest and appeal behind because I’m tired of the disappointments and betrayals, and at the last moment, they go off and do something cute, and I’m sitting there sighing as I unpack my things muttering: “Alright, but just one more time….”

So what has brought me back? Same as always: The Bit.Trip series.

Conceptually, I think it’s one of, if not the greatest series on Nintendo’s download service. Each entry is a very loving retro nod to those early days of gaming, showing that “old” can still definitely be “new”. You don’t need HD graphics or fully orchestrated sound to have a good gaming experience (sad but true, I’m wanting my 360 back so I can download more Atari 2600 games. Yes, this is how I use my HD system).

Bit.Trip.Runner came out today. I love the series, but this latest entry has one my heart for three reasons.

1.) It’s another excellent installment of an already stellar series.
2.) It’s a 2D side-scrolling platformer.
3.) The loving homages to Activision’s old art Read the rest of this entry

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