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The Wii’s Worst Enemy: Nintendo.

I have to admit that my PSP and Xbox 360 have been getting more of my attention of late. From the emotionally powerful and gorgeous Crisis Core for the PSP, and a stable of “new” (for me, anyway) games like Halo 3, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and of course, Grand Theft Auto IV, I’ve become a bit of a ‘box junkie, which is funny, because the I was usually disdainful of the original Xbox due to its controller designed for gorilla hands.

What’s changed me? Online. I enjoy shooting the breeze with my friends over headset, downloading demos, trailers for upcoming games, racking up achievement points for little crazy stunts or progress in my game, and of course, adding afriend to my list is easy: Type in the name, and there you go. No “Friend Code” crap that just allows you to get Miis and messages, but doesn’t allow you to play games together. There’s a whole separate code for that, and after dealing with the 360’s relative ease of building a gaming community, it’s apparent where the Wii is going wrong.

And Nintendo’s completely to blame.

Nintendo is a interesting “addiction”. They have wonderful customer service Read the rest of this entry

Wii: One Year Later.

Well, the 1-year anniversary of the Wii has come and gone, and now we’re left with the little white box that managed to surprise a lot of people with its success. Is it a perfect tale? Well, it’s certainly grabbed a lot of attention, and even now, the system’s still incredibly difficult to find, but I wanted to point out the highs and lows of the past year that have surrounded the Wii.

* The Initial Wait – Staying up all night in the cold just to grab a system, glaring at people in line who are only there to sell them on eBay, and then the entry to the store where you buy your Wii, your games and your accessories to begin the year long journey to now.

* Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessThe launch game for the Wii, and it’s easy to understand why it made the jump from Gamecube to Wii. Sure, the sword swinging controls aren’t quite as responsive as you would have hoped, but it’s a neat effect, and this is a beautiful addition to the Zelda series.

* Wii Sports – This catchy little tech demo snagged a whole new audience of gamers, Read the rest of this entry

Metroid Mania.

So Nintendo is declaring August “Metroid Month”, which is fine by me for a lot of reasons.

Friday saw the release of a Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel (with new updates sometime today), today was the launch of the NES Metroid on the Virtual Console, next Monday is Holiest of Holies Super Metroid, and right after this is Prime 3.

It’s been a lot of good for a few reasons: Nintendo finally saw fit to give a release date to an actual VC game, which is fairly shocking after all the mysterious run-around they usually give, and the Preview Channel marks something good for the future of Wii. I wouldn’t mind downloading new videos regarding upcoming games directly from Nintendo, especially since they’ve been so quiet on the Metroid front up until now.

At any rate, between Super Metroid, and my building anticipation for Prime 3, this should be an entertaining month for gaming. It’ll be interesting to see how a FPS (sorry… FPA. will handle with Wii’s control setup.

More soon, as always.

New Wii System Update.

Taken from GoNintendo.Com:

-Digital Clock added to the Wii Menu right under the channel bar
-Forecast Channel now displays the current condition (cloudy, raining, etc.) directly in the Wii Menu in the Forecast Channel box
-News Channel can now show 2 scrolling headlines at a time in the Wii Menu, 3 when you click on the button
-Message Board now has the “Today’s Accomplishments” message as a white message which allows it to stand out from other messages
-Address Book entries can now be shifted around using A+B but only to empty spaces. Not too convenient.
-Calendar in Message Board no longer shows “Today’s Accomplishment” only days as having messages
-Scrolling messages in the Message Board now uses a different sound

Wii Shop Channel Overhauled (Visual aesthetic is the same, changes made to organization and browsing methods mostly)
-New Welcome screen detailing 4 Recommended Titles and the points they cost (gone is the title screen bar that had linkable games). The title bar can be clicked on to bring up a list of 20 recommended games.
-Titles You’ve Downloaded was moved to the main shop menu
-New ways to browse
-Popular Titles (2 pages of 10 and includes launch games so not only based on recent info)
-Newest Additions remains the same
-Search for a Read the rest of this entry

Nintendo’s Valentine’s Gift.

I wasn’t expecting a new Wii Channel out of the blue today. I figured the 3-game combo from Monday was gift enough. But surprise of surprises, Nintendo released the Everybody Votes Channel.

It set up a bit like a quiz show, where you answer poll questions with your Miis, and then can try to predict the outcomes of the questions to see if you’re right for stats, and to show how “In Touch” you are.

I think this is one thing I do like about the Wii. They may starve you at times for VC content, but they randomly drop goodness on you in equal portions. This isn’t the first “surprise” we’ve gotten, as gamers got a great VC line-up on Christmas, and the News Channel a day early.

The Everybody Votes Channel is quirky, but it seems to be another fun time passer, and another sign that Nintendo is really trying to do different things, which I am open to anything new and different in the gaming world.

I’m still confused as to why they’ve not met consumer demand for Wiimotes since the system’s release, however, which by default is going to make Wii Play a fast seller for Read the rest of this entry

Wii News Channel Out Early.

I downloaded it this morning, and it’s not bad. At least it’s more frequently updated than the Weather Channel (which I like, but I don’t need to know 4 A.M.’s weather at 10 A.M.)

Here a YouTube video of the service:

Also of note, for you Wii online surfers out there:


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