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Oregon Trail For Modern Times?

According to the Thule Trail, then yes.

Check out how modern “pioneers” brave the open road here.

(And yes, I do have a copy of the original Oregon Trail for my Apple IIc, and one for iPhone. Best educational game ever created).

The Majesty of Colors.

Every now and then in my web searches, I discover some unusual little title that captures my attention.

This is one of those days: The Majesty of Colors.

Where’s An Egg?

My favorite almost real gaming company has put out another game that I can’t stop playing:

Where’s An Egg?

It’s basically a very broken Carmen Sandiego game, but I find it strangely funny.

If you’ve ever wondered where an egg is, and the criminal intrigue associated with such an action, play the game here.

Guitar Hero For Wii.

Apparently, this is true. You can now rock out with your Wii out on Nintendo’s new system.

The article about Activision’s announcement.

Personally, I’m stoked. This is will be a really great game for the Wii, and a sign that 3rd-party support may not be as dismal for Nintendo this time out. I love Nintendo, but there is more to life than Mario. But I do hope that Strong Bad’s “Trogdor” makes it to the new version, as it was found in Guitar Hero II.

Speaking of Strong Bad, Videlectrix, the video game maker of the Homestar Runner universe, has converted some of their games over for Wii playability. If that doesn’t scream “cool”, then I just don’t want to know what does.

The Fancy Pants Adventure.

I discovered an interesting platformer on the ‘net tonight called (what else): The Fancy Pants Adventure.

It actually plays pretty well, with a fluidity in level design that is similar to Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s only one level, but the controls are intuitive, and it’s actually pretty fun. Enjoy.

Wii News Channel Out Early.

I downloaded it this morning, and it’s not bad. At least it’s more frequently updated than the Weather Channel (which I like, but I don’t need to know 4 A.M.’s weather at 10 A.M.)

Here a YouTube video of the service:

Also of note, for you Wii online surfers out there:


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