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Game Gear On The 3DS.

I’m still on the fence about the whole “Virtual Console” thing. While I was initially very excited about the whole concept and initial execution on the Wii, the total mishandling, content stoppage, and the recent game removals have soured me from ever utilizing the service on the Wii again.

And now that a similar service has been on the 3DS, I still remain skeptical. Sure there are Game Boy games, and Game Boy Color games, and now NES games (which I think have replaced the idea of the Turbo Duo ever appearing on the service due to Hudson being bought out by Konami, and the mass content removals on the Wii), but there are a LOT of games on those three consoles alone. And I mean well over a thousand potential titles. Well, more “hundreds”, I suppose with all the licensing issues. But do we really need Home Alone for the Game Boy?

Now, finally after almost a year, we have Game Gear titles. The Game Gear was Sega’s attempt to take on the Game Boy back in the 8-bit days. It was essentially a portable Master System, but boasted full screen color at the cost Read the rest of this entry

Does Piracy Have Its Good Side?

Despite my fancy gaming blog name, I actually don’t pirate games.

Seriously! I’m too much of a collector. I want the box, and the (nearing extinction) manual, and a nice, clean looking disc or cartridge with good looking cover art. And having worked in the game industry, I know game sales can determine the longevity of a department’s, or even and individual’s continued employment. There’s no reason to pirate brand new games. Stop being so cheap. And if you can’t buy new, then buy used.

Now that I’m off my soapbox, I wanted to discuss an article that I found that actually hits the other side of the spectrum, and I totally agree with.

Some of you readers may be too young to know what one of these are:

But if you said “floppy disc”, you were correct.

These were the software of the computers through the 1980’s and in some instances, early 1990’s. True to their name, they were floppy in consistency, and were about the size of a CD jewel case.

They were also incredibly easy to break.

And my “break”, I mean it only took a minute or so to interrupt the program, load the file contents, and save to another disc. And so began Read the rest of this entry

Wii: Four Years Later.

It seems crazy to think that it was back in 2006 when my buddy Steve and I camped out overnight at a Target in the freezing cold in a out of the way area of San Diego for my Wii. The mad rush, the pushy customers who just wanted to sell one on eBay….

It’s been an interesting four years watching the evolution of this system. It was the first system that pushed motion controls as a viable alternative to traditional controllers. It’s the first Nintendo system that has (if somewhat still half-heartedly) attempted online play and downloadable content. On a personal note, it is also the first Nintendo system that has ever failed on me not once, but multiple times (oh, the save data loss and missing Miis still sting).

It’s been a weird system, to be sure. Most systems usually do not start with a rush of shovelware, which later evolves into a slew of solid gaming content. But the Wii has been “backwards” from the beginning. The graphically weakest. The one that stood outside of the console wars, not matching feature for feature the online communities, leaderboards, social content, and reward Read the rest of this entry

The Nintendo Difference.

I decided to wait a few weeks after E3 to really sit down and discuss Nintendo’s new line-up for the Wii. I’m sold on the 3DS purely due to my love for Kid Icarus: Uprising, and after 20+ years, one takes what they can get. Of course, Starfox 64 3D and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D hold my interest as well. But it’s a telling sign that a lot of games are getting crazy for two remakes that are over 10+ years old, and a franchise that hasn’t been touched in two decades. Honestly, it sounds like the current state of the film industry, doesn’t it?

Of course, there will be other titles, and the line-up does look exciting, so that’s little more than an observation on my part.

For the Wii itself, things couldn’t be better as far as retail goes. For a while, my interests remained purely with WiiWare titles and Virtual Console selections. For the time being (or seemingly indefinitely), NoA has shelved the Virtual Console, which is unfortunate. From 3-4 games a week, to one game a week, to hoping for at least one game a month, one of my Read the rest of this entry

Upcoming Games.

I never was one for the whole “April Fool’s” aspect of today, so I’ll probably let the practical joking take an early vacation since the day is pretty much over. So at least you’ll know there aren’t any “tall tales” to be found in this entry (That’s the Texan in me with that particular phrasing).

In past years, one would start to get hyped for the grandeur that is E3 to take place, but with it’s demise last year, gamers are going to have to look for alternate sources for upcoming gaming news for the year. Still, for the Wii, the line-up thus far has looked promising, with updates for NiGHTS, Guitar Heroes, Katamari Damacy, and even hints of a LEGO Batman game coming out. Not to mention all the prospective first-party games that will be released by the end of the year. The initial software library for the Wii sounds impressive thus far. The handling of the Virtual Console, thus far, has been decidedly mixed.

There’s a few issues Nintendo needs to address:

1.) They need to give the user base a release schedule, treating upcoming releases like regular releases. Hudson and Sega have the courtesy to Read the rest of this entry

The Virtual Console.

I am failing to understand Nintendo’s “philosophy” regarding their Virtual Console. For the NES alone, they have hundreds of games to choose from, whether it’s their own Super Mario Bros. to Kid Icarus, and that’s not even taking into consideration the sheer number of games from third-party publishers. So many titles that spawned life on the NES are still around today: Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Castlevania, ranging in every genre from arcade classics, to platformers, sports games and RPGs. This is also not taking into consideration the plethora of games that have come from Super NES, Nintendo 64, the Genesis, and Turbografx-16.

For the third week in a row, with every possible title they could choose from, and based off the support other regions around the world have received from the VC, American gamers have gotten a rather “ho hum” line-up. It started with the “classic” week of Baseball and Urban Champion, a move that left me scratching my head in confusion, and wondering how they came to the decision that only these two titles, of anything else available, were to be released. After this week, I’ve come to realise that they are sticking mainly to only one Read the rest of this entry

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