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I’m working on trying to get back to a more regular posting format. It’s been a long process of trying to keep updated with games, news, and more importantly, just playing them. Fortunately, I’ve been more active with gaming in the last month, so there’s a bit to write about.

Let’s start with the Gamestop Expo. that was in Las Vegas a few weeks back. I can tell you this much: It was a more than ideal place to gather StreetPass with my 3DS. It was a smaller, consumer oriented E3, but it did showcase the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and this Fall’s games. It also gave me an opportunity to shamelessly mug in some gaming scenarios:

The show was fun, and while it didn’t show anything earth-shatteringly new or exclusive, it did allow the public to get an early hands on for a lot of the upcoming titles this year.

After the Expo wrapped, Nintendo announced the 2DS…. And I thought it was an article from The Onion.

I can’t win. I must be one of the few people in the gaming community who thinks the device is a silly idea, and never had the “eye crippling” experience Read the rest of this entry

Wish List: Disney Infinity.

With any crossover multi-character game, everyone has their own wish lists. Sure, some of them make sense, others are fan wishes, and others… and just plain crazy and make zero sense whatsoever.

Having recently pre-ordered Disney Infinity for the 360, and interacting on their Facebook page (where the site mods are very interactive and responsive), I have my own ideas of what I would like to see come to the game as this as being touted as the “future” of Disney gaming, essentially replacing stand-alone titles (mixed feelings on this), and becoming Disney’s most ambitious gaming project to date.

If you didn’t know, I’m a huge Disney fan. I know a lot of of the lore and history (and have even worked with them a time or two), so I’m going to try to be pretty expansive with what I’d like to see. Disney as a company is big, and it’s easy to forget how big they are. They own ESPN, the ABC network, and licenses for Muppets, Star Wars/Indiana Jones, Marvel Comics, Power Rangers…. And that’s still a small sampling, and while it would be easy to fill just with Marvel and Star Wars alone (and I’d like Read the rest of this entry

New Star Trek: The Video Game Commercial.

At this point, I don’t care what the game is like. This commercial for it is solid gold:

DuckTales Remastered.

I wait for moments like this. This was one of my favorite NES games of all-time. And Capcom is publishing it. And WayForward is doing it.

The specs on it are also right up my alley.

First a sequel to Castle of Illusion and now this…..

Rescue Rangers next, please. That’s all I can say.

Scrooge McDuck and the Castle of Illusion.

It’s an unusual title to be sure, but bear with with me.

I’ve long publicized my love for Epic Mickey, the Wii exclusive Mickey Mouse title from designer Warren Spector. Sure, it was pretty exciting in that it not only brought back Mickey Mouse as a video gaming hero (Anyone with a NES or Genesis can understand why that was such a big deal), but it fed into my love of Disney history.

Epic Mickey 2, now a multi-console title, looks to be great. Fully voiced characters, more Disney lore, and a musical, of all things. It sounds pretty exciting, and my faith is tested on which version to get, as Junction Point is still making the Wii version the lead SKU.

And then the 3DS version titled Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion was announced.

But I’m getting ahead of myself now. For you see, my title actually does have a point. Scrooge McDuck has both faced the Phantom Blot and heard of the Wasteland very recently, thanks to Warren Spector’s run on the DuckTales comic. This particular menace was faced by not only Scrooge, but also Darkwing Duck and related cast teamed up with Duckburg’s finest Read the rest of this entry

Spy Vs. Spy

Older gamers might remember a game back from 1984 called Spy Vs. Spy, based off of the MAD magazine mini-comic that placed Black Spy Vs. White Spy in a series of espionage that usually resulted in at least, being bested by the other, or at worst, being killed by a clever and goofy booby trap.

The game came out for a number of personal computers of the time, as well as the 8-bit consoles. It was popular enough to warrant two sequels (one set in the jungle, the other in the Artic), and a new game for the Playstation 2/Xbox.

History lesson aside, Warner Bros. looks like they are set to bring it back for iOS:

Too early to call it either way, but given Warner Bros. track record, it looks… interesting to say the least.

I’ll be curious to see the actual gameplay.

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