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Retro Review: Taboo: The Sixth Sense.

There have been few greater puzzlements on the NES than Taboo: The Sixth Sense.

One one hand, this was perhaps one of the first genuine “casual” games on the NES, as it dealt with dealing virtual tarot cards to divine fortunes.

On the other hand, it was one of the few NES games to deliver frontal nudity and images of Satan.

Bear in mind that this was before the ESRB, and Nintendo had its own self-censoring policies with dealt with profanity, religious imagery, and extreme violence. But it wasn’t perfect. Rambo said “Damn”. Crosses still snuck into a few games. One game would be healivy censored while another slipped past the radar. And then there was this title:

Rare developed this title, while my hometown’s Tradewest published this game. A game so “evil” that it came wrapped in a black cloth pouch, yet could be stored the same way as you would Top Gun or Balloon Fight. Curiously, the game promoted itself as being a “Time Machine”, though Doc Brown or the TARDIS never make an appearance. Yet this game exists, and I couldn’t tell you why.

If there are any “good” points to the game is that Read the rest of this entry

Tradewest Returns.

I read the news that the UK/French offices of Midway are renaming themselves Tradewest. It’s somewhat amusing to me as Midway (then Williams) bought out Tradewest to get into the home console market and not rely on Acclaim to publish their arcade games.

Maybe some of you younger folk remember or at least heard of Tradewest.

You would know it more as the NES version of Double Dragon. Or Battletoads. Or that inexplicable Tarot card game, Taboo: The Sixth Sense. But for me, I knew it a little differently.

I was born, raised, and grew up in the small town of Corsicana, Texas. One average, the town has only been 23,000-24,000 people, and is more world famous for its fruitcake than its history in the video game industry (in the defense of Collin Street Bakery, they have amazing cherry ice box cookies).

But as a kid growing up in a small town like that, knowing that a video game country lurked out there by the highway was somewhat intoxicating. We weren’t Los Angeles, California or Redmond, Washington or even Austin, Texas. And we certainly weren’t part of Silicon Valley. Having Tradewest and seeing our hometown Read the rest of this entry

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