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Additional Super Meat Boy Observations.

Now that I’ve gone a little deeper into Super Meat Boy, I feel it necessary to chronicle more of my experiences here.

As I said, the game is rewarding. You earn the level completions that you get. The third level in trying to secure the double jumping Ogmo literally made me exhale a huge sigh of relief, and thank everything, as my hands were cramping from the multiple tries. That was one of the meanest levels I have ever played, and yet instead of getting frustrated, I began to view the level like a puzzle. It’s a matter of timing, reflexes, and in some cases, pure dumb luck. But then, many of my level experiences have consisted of this:

*splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope. *splat* Nope.


*splat* $#!+.

One of the things that I’ve come to enjoy is that there are (in some cases) multiple ways to beat a level. While there is a definite, set path, there Read the rest of this entry

Super Meat Boy Impressions.

Those who are long-time readers on here know that I love 2D platformers. Actually, let me rephrase that: I LOVE 2D platformers. After months of hype, Super Meat Boy has finally been released.

While originally a WiiWare eclusive, I ended up picking up the later announced XBLA version. I do have to admit, however, that this is a perfect “Nintendo console” game, and again, to rephrase, this is a perfect NES console game, as it is “Nintendo Hard”.

The similarities to the NES Super Mario Bros., Castlevania, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden series, as well as Sunsoft’s Batman are not lost on me. Each of these titles demanded precise jumps, pixel-perfect landings, wall jumps, know when to run, walk or fall, over a particularly nasty gap, and were just downright mean in general. Super Meat Boy is a mean game.

And yet, it’s not frustrating to me. In fact, the NES-era version of me was all too programmed on how to handle these obstacles, and things haven’t changed on how I approach them: It’s only a matter of finding the right combination to survive. It will likely make lesser, untrained gamers cry, but to me, it’s Read the rest of this entry

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