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Super Mario Maker: Post-Script.

Today is the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

I didn’t get a NES until 1987. I got the Deluxe Set with Gyromite and Duck Hunt, and also Super Mario Bros. and Ghosts ‘N’ Goblins. Of course, each following Mario had a “story” behind it: I got Super Mario Bros. 2 for Christmas of 1988 from our local Movieland. Super Mario Bros. 3 was from a Dallas trip, and so on and so on. And certainly, I’ve liked Mario when he made the jump to 3D (and yet, I’ve never been terribly impressed by the New Super Mario Bros. series, but loved 3D Land/World). Some have blasted Mario for being “too kiddie” in light of brown and grey FPS space marine titles, but the level design has always been solid.

And now it’s time to make our own Mario.

The user interface is flat-out based off of Mario Paint (another title I could tell endless stories about), and unlike most “world builder” games, this feels like creating art. Using the stylus and gamepad, players can draw, shake, and tap their way into all sorts of levels in all sorts of environments from all sorts of Marios (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. Read the rest of this entry

Super Mario 3D World: Post-Script.

Ever since the dawn of 4-player Mario games, I’ve only wanted one thing from the experience: A game that plays like a 4-player version of Super Mario Bros. 2.

The “Fab 4” of video gaming: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach, each running around with their respective abilities, while having all sorts of fun adventures together. When later New Super Mario Bros. games came out, you can imagine my disappointment of having two generic Toads swapped out for the latter two characters, and each player having generic abilities.

Nintendo has decided to either read my mind (or start mining that particular NES game for nostalgia value), and has provided precisely the gaming experience that plays like an old-school dream. This game, however, decides to take the play style from the 3DS title Super Mario 3D Land as a template, which was a delightfully challenging game in itself.

If it seems like I’m referencing a lot of previous Mario titles, there’s a reason for that: This title cherry picks elements from practically every game in the franchise ever created, right down to a level inspired by Mario Kart. So what you get is a very big Mario tribute in the form of Read the rest of this entry

New Super Mario Bros. 2: Post-Script.

I finally caved and got New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS a few weeks back. I had so many other games on my plate that this game took a backseat, which is surprising because I’m usually right on board for a Mario game. Especially a 2D one.

But there’s something… hard to describe in regards to my feelings on the New Super Mario Bros. series. I liked the DS one as “old was new” and it was the first real Mario side-scroller since Super Mario World.

The Wii one was alright, and I’ll admit I was excited for the novelty of four players at once, though I REALLY wanted this for the character selection:

Nintendo makes a fortune off of nostalgia and “tried and true”. I’ll never understand the yellow and blue Toad thing.

And the Wii U game is certainly very colorful and pretty, but since the initial “wow” factor of the original game, and ultimately culminating with the 3DS title, I’ve reached one conclusion:

The New Super Mario Bros. series are my least favorite adventures of the famed Italian plumber.

Don’t get me wrong: The game is fun, and it plays heavily off of Super Mario Bros. 3 nostalgia Read the rest of this entry

Wreck-It Ralph Review.

Tonight, I got to see a preview of Wreck-It Ralph in 3D.

If you want the short of it, it’s now one of my “Top 10” Disney animated films.

The long of it, however, is best explained for a number of reasons. And you can start with the poster:

Basically, this is Toy Story for video games. What happens when the arcade closes for the night?

This movie has a TON of cameos, making Captain N: The Game Master look pale by comparison. You can spot dozens of games in the 30 year time progression of the arcade, from Star Wars to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to a virtual “Who’s Who” of classics. That’s nothing to say of the cameos of characters running around in “Game Central Station”. These two scenes alone are going to cause a lot of frame by frame scanning when it comes to home video. One cameo moment actually shocked me how “true to character” they were. I won’t reveal anything, but there are a few delightful nods. Surprisingly, however, is how devoid of Nintendo this movie is. Yes, Bowser is in there, and there are two other nods, but Nintendo was Read the rest of this entry

eShop, Wii U, and E3.

While I think that Nintendo’s E3 conference had some good things in it, there was more ambiguity to the whole event than I would have liked.

The eShop finally went live last night after a two-week “delay” (well, more like two weeks and over 3 1/2 hours, since they didn’t release the update until 9:40 P.M. PST instead of 6:00 P.M.). I’m still convinced that this was for a “surprise reveal” at E3, not to mention a way to tie Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening into the whole Zelda 25th anniversary event.

The shop itself is nice and easy to navigate. It seems that Nintendo is going to have several shops within the shop to find more specific types of games. Excitebike 3D was an appreciated free item, and while the 3D isn’t mind-blowing, it is a very neat and noticeable effect. The Pokedex 3D is also a free item, and is fun enough to play around with, though I’m sure Pokemon fans will get much more out of it than I will.

As for the conference, it was broken down into three areas: 3DS, the new console, and… I guess the Wii. I think Nintendo has written that Read the rest of this entry

Super Mario at 25.

Geez, all I’ve been doing is writing about gaming milestones and anniversaries, but like Pac-Man‘s earlier event this year, this one can’t be missed.

Today is the Japanese anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. series. I say “Super Mario”, instead of “Mario” because Mario himself has been around since 1981.

I didn’t get my NES until my 12th birthday in 1987. I remembered seeing the game in the arcades, but was amazed how finally the accurate experience was recreated at home.

Favorite memories of the series? The first time I beat the original game. I could clear everything else, but not get through World 8. My parents told me that if I couldn’t beat the game, I wouldn’t get Super Mario Bros. 2 for Christmas. I beat it that day. Super Mario Bros. 3, I waited forever for after seeing screens in that early Gamepro, and remembering those great Nintendo Power strategy guides. There was also Super Mario 64, which amazed me as Mario could run to a tree in the distance and not only climb it, but do a handstand and backflip off of it. Super Mario RPG was amazing to me as it Read the rest of this entry

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