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As this generation has progressed on, I’ve found myself going more retro. And more into the arms of the downloadable world.

There have been a lot of new games based on “retro” content: Mega Man 9 and 10, Scott Pilgrim, the Bit.Trip series, and more for the focus of this post, Telltale Games.

Telltale’s quick history lesson will instantly tell you that they were a bunch of ex-Lucasarts employees who founded themselves in 2004 because they wanted to make adventure games. They had already endeared themselves to me with the release of the Strong Bad series, and their updates of Sam & Max and Monkey Island were certainly notable.

Even tomorrow, they are set to do some crazy reveal with characters from the aforementioned Sam & Max and Strong Bad, but also from Penny Arcade and Valve’s Team Fortress 2.

The trailer raises a lot of questions while saying nothing in return, other than apparently joining forces with another great developer and another popular webcomic.

Speaking of popular licenses, there’s also this matter:

Telltale is also making a Back to the Future and Jurassic Park series of games, which were two of my favorite films (and theme park rides) growing up.

Back To the Future seems Read the rest of this entry

Strong Bad Post-Script.

And so, I have finished Episode 5 of Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People for the Wii, closing out the (hopefully first and not last) series of the game.

In a rather quiet year for the Wii, the Strong Bad series has come to be one of my more favorite 2008 experiences for Nintendo’s console.

One of the things that really struck me about episodic series like Strong Bad, and even XBLA’s Penny Arcade Adventures titles, is how much these games stand out as games created by genuine gamers. While both series are made up of licensed characters from popular internet sites, they don’t feel like “fun” that is generated by a marketing department’s demographic survey chart.

I’ve followed the Chapman Brothers (no relation) for several years now. I’m well aware of the world populated by Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and The Cheat, the Monday e-mails, Decemberween and everything else. I’m also familiar with the spin-off company Videlectrix (“We use computers… To make video games!”), and actually grew to be quite fond of such titles like Peasant’s Quest, Trogdor, and Where’s An Egg? – The Brothers Chaps get old-school gaming, especially those that grew up on the Infocom Read the rest of this entry

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People.

I finally had a reason to dust off the ol’ Wii and download my first WiiWare title.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the eccentric nature of Homestar Runner, I’d definitely take a moment to check out the site and read a few Strong Bad e-mails if I were you. The game’s humor is without a doubt there, but might be a little lost on the uninitiated.

But the game is funny, and is very true to the show. The Brothers Chap (creators of the webtoon) are definite gamers, which is very apparent if you’ve taken the time to check out the Videlectrix site that their gaming ventures fall under. Games like Trogdor and Peasant’s Quest are brilliant, funny and very true to the classic games of yore.

Which is why it’s no surprise the game takes on a point and click adventure genre, similar to classic Sierra and Lucasarts titles. The interface also shows that this type of game definitely has a promising home on the Wii (yes, I missed Zack & Wiki), and I would certainly like to see a return to form of this classic style of play. Nintendo’s little white box looks to Read the rest of this entry

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