I kind of like this new post thread, as it’s been leading to some interesting conversations with all of you.

I have a terrible confession to make: I never got into Chrono Trigger back in the day.

Now before you cry “Heretic” and raise pitchforks in my direction, I was always a Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star sort of person, and I was getting ready for Playstation, so there’s my reason why. But I did love Squaresoft’s RPGs. Final Fantasy VI (our III) was incredible, and I thought Super Mario RPG was wonderful. The games that the first Playstation brought out were equally great, from the FF VII-IX, Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross…. And with Playstation 2, the mere thought of Kingdom Hearts was too much to truly comprehend at the time (The first Kingdom Hearts was actually the last Squaresoft game, by the way).

I loved Square so much, that I am likely one of the few who actually liked Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and the merging of Square-Enix seemed like another dream come true (even though it was mostly done to save Square when The Spirits Within flopped as much as it did).

But initially, I was a little Read the rest of this entry