Sorry I’ve been away for longer than I anticipated. Personal life took over, and I haven’t had much time for gaming or… well, much of anything personal, really. Work has been a bit of a monster the last few weeks.

That said, I’ve already changed to a new credit card via all of those “lovely” attacks on the Playstation Network, and now Sony Online Entertainment. I haven’t used SOE anything since 2003 (and still don’t plan to), so I’m not worried about that, but I did use the PSN for my PSP. Not a lot, but I’ve dealt with fraud before, and “Better safe than sorry”.

Of course now, it’s gone to the blame game with people (and government) demanding answers from Sony, while Sony tries to track down the source of who did it. There’s a number of oft-mentioned hacker groups, but in this situation, I wouldn’t touch credit on this thing with any size pole. I figure if they ever catch who did this, they are going away for a long, LONG time.

It’s hard to know what prompted this, and why the other gaming networks haven’t fallen prey as of yet. There’s been a lot Read the rest of this entry