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Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS Wishlist.

As the end of the year draws ever closer, and Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS draws closer, we’re starting to see the end of the character roster. Yesterday’s update was extremely Fire Emblem heavy (what, no love for Golden Sun or Xenoblade?), and last month’s Pac-Man announcement (especially classic arcade Pac-Man, no less) made me giddy with prime geekery glee), but we all have our ideas on who we would like to see, and I’m no different.

I start this by saying my list is no less right and wrong than anyone else’s. I do have my “dream” contenders I’d like to see. But I’m also going to try and approach it more realistically. That means I won’t be asking for the inclusion of several hundreds of characters worth of Pokemon, on Naruto, or Dragon Ball Z, or Shrek(?), or various household items. I think people forget what Super Smash Bros. ultimately is: It’s a love letter to video games. It’s also a playable history of the medium, and of course it’s going to be Nintendo-centric. The third-party characters they have previously chosen, have all made sense to the context of Nintendo: The Read the rest of this entry

Recent Gaming News (In My World).

I have to admit, I feel really lost and somewhat confused without E3 being around this month. For the last decade, I’ve been so used to getting my big yearly dump of gaming info for the the year right around now, that I keep having to remind myself that things are different now. E3 is no longer a big event. It’s a quaint little tea party complete with fancy doilies…. and it vexes me. Oh, yes. It vexes me.

I found out what that weird NES controller was I was trying to remember. The Roll ‘N’ Rocker from (surprise) LJN. I can sleep better now, despite the fact knowing that I’m not insane, and there is someone actually crazier than me who created such a goofy contraption.

I have a new favorite reviewer for retro games: The Angry Video Game Nerd. The guy swears like a sailor, but his reviews actually ring true on some of the biggest video gaming mishaps ever created. Some people swear in a lame attempt to be funny. This guy goes off in a way that lets you know he’s been there, man. He’s been in those Read the rest of this entry

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