I knew that when the day came for Skyrim‘s release, my social life would be taking a hit. And I was was. But you never expect how it will take over.

When I first played Oblivion, I found that I couldn’t. There are few games that offer you that much of an open world. That much freedom. And it overwhelmed me. But one day I sat down, convinced that I would master its expansive world. And it eventually all began to make sense. And took over my gaming time.

Skyrim, while seeming less unfamiliar, and less daunting, is no less impressive. In fact, it helps to make the last game that much more of a tangible place, and this is merely an expansion of that world to make it all the more “real”. It’s like going on a vacation: You may have never been to that new place before, but somehow you know this is all part of the greater whole. You almost wish that the games could be connected as one.

There are caves and towers and fields and snow covered mountains. There is the main quest to finish, but there Read the rest of this entry