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Catalogs Were Almost As Exciting As The Game.

I’m still getting the hang of this new site. Trying to see what I can do, actually attempting to follow through on making my site’s Twitter more, er, “twitty”, and apparently getting feedback from a lot of people who simultaneously love my website, yet seem to feel that I either need to lose more weight, earn more money now, or find an attractive bride from a third-world country.


I just can’t seem to please everyone.

But here I am regardless to talk about gaming, and more in this aspect, classic gaming. I’ve focused a lot on modern consoles and upcoming releases, but my real fondness does lie in the realm of classic gaming, and one of those aspects that I greatly enjoy collecting:

The video game catalog.








The collage that you see here is actually a small sampling from my personal collection. I’ve amassed a number of these over the years from buying unopened games, eBay, and other classic gaming venues. It’s an interesting look at how early gamers got a taste of what was to come for our favorite consoles and computers before the internet was even a remote factor in our gaming lives.

I would like to say not much has changed from then Read the rest of this entry

Sierra Titles On Steam.

I loathe to promote this due to my disapproval of what the current publisher of these two series has morphed into over the years, but….

King’s Quest and Space Quest are on Steam.

These are some of Sierra’s classic 3D adventure games back from the old computer gaming days. They’re brilliant, classic titles, and I’d highly recommend checking them out.

If you like these sort of games, or wonder what other titles are like this, there are also classic titles such as Loom, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Secret of Monkey Island, and The Dig.

And of course, my recent “classic” favorite: Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People.

At any rate, it’s a good start for some of the newer gaming folk to see what I endlessly babble so much about with all the “childhood nostalgia” and such….

If you try one, be sure to let me know what you think.

Short Post.

With the advent of Spring, I’m getting outside a little more, but I’m still making time for gaming.

I cleared the 10,000 achievement mark this last week for my 360 profile. Not bad for someone who has still not had their Xbox for a year now. What can I say, I actually like trying to get those challenges, and while I’ve only “completed” a few games in terms of total gamer score, my rankings are usually pretty high.

I’m taking some interest in those old Sierra 3D adventure games again: Black Cauldron, King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry. Those games (yes, even Larry) were an integral part of my gaming childhood. They sported some of the best graphics on the Apple IIc, and they’re still remarkably well detailed games today.

I think that’s one of the worst offenses of both modern computer gaming and even moreso Activision. I’ve lost a lot of interest in computer gaming these days, as most of it is summarized as MMOs, FPS and cross-ports of console games. Gone are the days of point and click adventures, and even text based games. Obviously, some of the mechanics are a little archaic by today’s standards, Read the rest of this entry

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