So after a month’s hiatus, Game Room has reconvened on the Xbox 360. Coincidentally, my system died and had to be sent off for repairs. Pity, really. I was actually looking forward to whiling away some time with Pitfall!

So with my consoles dead, and my old-school interests piqued, I started thinking about the oddities that came out of yesteryear. Namely Saturday morning cartoons. Back in the 1980’s, cartoons ran from sunrise to lunchtime, and with “Video Game Mania” sweeping the country at the time, there were huge blocks of video game related shows. Mind you, these shows were based off arcade games that had minimal to no plots at the time, so there are some pretty ridiculous concepts, as shown here:

They really drained that sex appeal right out of Princess Daphne, didn’t they?

There were others, of course, such as Space Ace, Pole Position, and Kangaroo, but do they still do video game cartoons on TV anymore? I know they’ve done a few off and on with various shows, but I’m wondering if the goofiness as found in these shows have just simply gone the way of the dodo.

Oh, heck, I’m just going to go Read the rest of this entry