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Impressions of Skyrim.

I knew that when the day came for Skyrim‘s release, my social life would be taking a hit. And I was was. But you never expect how it will take over.

When I first played Oblivion, I found that I couldn’t. There are few games that offer you that much of an open world. That much freedom. And it overwhelmed me. But one day I sat down, convinced that I would master its expansive world. And it eventually all began to make sense. And took over my gaming time.

Skyrim, while seeming less unfamiliar, and less daunting, is no less impressive. In fact, it helps to make the last game that much more of a tangible place, and this is merely an expansion of that world to make it all the more “real”. It’s like going on a vacation: You may have never been to that new place before, but somehow you know this is all part of the greater whole. You almost wish that the games could be connected as one.

There are caves and towers and fields and snow covered mountains. There is the main quest to finish, but there Read the rest of this entry

Whatever Happened To Square-Enix?

I kind of like this new post thread, as it’s been leading to some interesting conversations with all of you.

I have a terrible confession to make: I never got into Chrono Trigger back in the day.

Now before you cry “Heretic” and raise pitchforks in my direction, I was always a Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star sort of person, and I was getting ready for Playstation, so there’s my reason why. But I did love Squaresoft’s RPGs. Final Fantasy VI (our III) was incredible, and I thought Super Mario RPG was wonderful. The games that the first Playstation brought out were equally great, from the FF VII-IX, Parasite Eve, Chrono Cross…. And with Playstation 2, the mere thought of Kingdom Hearts was too much to truly comprehend at the time (The first Kingdom Hearts was actually the last Squaresoft game, by the way).

I loved Square so much, that I am likely one of the few who actually liked Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and the merging of Square-Enix seemed like another dream come true (even though it was mostly done to save Square when The Spirits Within flopped as much as it did).

But initially, I was a little Read the rest of this entry

Can 2011 Be "The Year of the RPG" For Wii?

That’s up to Nintendo of America, honestly.

Hard to believe for the newer folks, but Nintendo used to be THE place for top-notch RPGs. Well, back in the NES and Super Nintendo days. When Nintendo refused to go to CD with the Nintendo 64, they lost one of their biggest third-parties (Squaresoft), along with pretty much everyone else who made that type of game. From then on out, RPGs on a Nintendo console (but not portable), have been scarce.

The Wii in particular has been a wasteland for RPGs. Oh sure, there’s the Virtual Console, where you can mine a ton of classic 8 and 16-bit RPGs to your hearts content, and there’s that promise of Dragon Warrior X (but I’ll believe it when I see it), but in terms of retail, it hasn’t happened.

Then in 2010, a strange thing happened. More traditional games started flooding the Wii. Whether the early signs of “The End” for the Wii, or a last-ditch attempt to bring in the more dedicated gamer, a lot of great stuff came out.

Among the announcements were these three titles:

Last Story


Pandora’s Tower

Readers may remember earlier lamentations over what happened to the JRPGs of old. Read the rest of this entry

Whatever Happened To The JRPG?

In the interest of seeing big-screen 3DS videos, I cruised the Wii’s Nintendo Channel for some new info. It was then that I started exploring my old Virtual Console library.

I don’t play a lot of my Wii games anymore due to the great memory purge of last year. It took all the fun of out playing these games for me. But I was in a Turbografx-16 mood, and loaded up Y’s Book 1 & 2.

I was familiar with Y’s as I payed the first adventure on my Sega Master System. Obviously, the CD version has stronger music, animated cutscenes, and voice (still novel for that time), and what turned into me casually fooling around with it for a few minutes turned into eating up most of my evening.

That in itself got me thinking about the RPG genre, where it was, and where it evolved. The Master System couldn’t beat the NES in content, but they did have a solid collection of RPG titles, mostly all published by Sega. It got me thinking of the early Dragon Warrior/Quest and Final Fantasy titles. and then I started thinking about all of those other titles from the Read the rest of this entry

Winter = RPGs.

The weather is finally getting officially cold where I live, with that frosty chill that makes one appreciate being inside all the more. Like any great hibernator, I retreat to my den, where I while away the cold evenings playing gmaes before I go to bed.

My seasonal favorites during this time have always been RPGs. From Phantasy Star to Final Fantasy to Lunar or whatever comes my way, long adventures just seem right when the weather is too cold to stay outside.

I expect this season’s roster will be the continuation of Elder Scrolls IV, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and Half-Minute Hero. If I’m feeling particularly saucy, I may pull out one of my old text/graphic adventures for my Apple IIc. I’ve yet to finish Transylvania, now that I think about it.

So how about you, readers? Do you have a favorite gaming genre for a particular season?

Intimidating Gameplay.

In spite of my “Wii” problem, I’ve gone back to one of my older 360 titles: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

I’ve been a big fan of RPGs for years, and I really do like this game. It’s huge, it’s expansive, it’s immersive, and therein lies the problem.

As great of a game it is, I feel in some ways that it’s too big.

Not that I think the designers should have limited the scope of the game by any means. I actually enjoy the freedom the gameplay allows, but in some ways, it’s almost intimidating. My character runs around in this huge world that allows me to do whatever I want with no seeming restrictions. I can talk with anyone, or fight, be good or evil. The slightest move, I may accidentally steal something that I only meant to just pick up and look at. It plays too much into my need to explore everything. Very little is off limits, so I have to check it all out.

I think I currently have a dozen active quests to explore. Every time I stumble upon a cave or wander into some new town, I seem to have some Read the rest of this entry

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