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Atari Lynx: Console Review.

I was a little late to the game when it came to playing the Atari Lynx. But then again, I never really owned a handheld gaming system until the Game Boy Color. That’s right: I missed the dawn of the first generation portable war.

That’s not to say that the Atari Lynx didn’t eventually catch my attention. As a kid, I would see the games on the store shelves of my local Babbage’s (before it was devoured by Gamestop), and had always wondered what it was like to play one.

I remembered it being a colorful system, having decent graphics, and a nice lineup of arcade ports. But it didn’t carry the Marios and Castlevanias and Mega Mans of the Nintendo era that caught the gaming craze of the time. I was then all about my NES and Master System, and even if I had changed my mind, the system only graced store shelves for a short time before Game Boy conquered all.

It was years later when I really got a chance to experience the Lynx. I was reminded of the system through the AtariAge Lynx Database, and after a few eBay searches, ended up with system Read the rest of this entry

Retro Review: Taboo: The Sixth Sense.

There have been few greater puzzlements on the NES than Taboo: The Sixth Sense.

One one hand, this was perhaps one of the first genuine “casual” games on the NES, as it dealt with dealing virtual tarot cards to divine fortunes.

On the other hand, it was one of the few NES games to deliver frontal nudity and images of Satan.

Bear in mind that this was before the ESRB, and Nintendo had its own self-censoring policies with dealt with profanity, religious imagery, and extreme violence. But it wasn’t perfect. Rambo said “Damn”. Crosses still snuck into a few games. One game would be healivy censored while another slipped past the radar. And then there was this title:

Rare developed this title, while my hometown’s Tradewest published this game. A game so “evil” that it came wrapped in a black cloth pouch, yet could be stored the same way as you would Top Gun or Balloon Fight. Curiously, the game promoted itself as being a “Time Machine”, though Doc Brown or the TARDIS never make an appearance. Yet this game exists, and I couldn’t tell you why.

If there are any “good” points to the game is that Read the rest of this entry

Retro Review: Deadly Creatures.

One of the “understood” things about the Wii is how games work on the system. If it’s (by and large) Nintendo published such as the Wii Whatever series, or a dance game, then it’s never going down in price.

Everything else? Just wait a few weeks.

That’s just the way it has always been for the Wii. It doesn’t matter if the game is chock full of features, makes intelligent use of motion (or regular) control, or is just an outstandingly fun title on its own merits, it becomes bargain bin fare in less than six months.

Deadly Creatures, released in THQ in 2009, is one of those titles. And it’s a shame too, as it really was a unique, well done title. But it had two stumbling blocks right out of the gate: Little to no external word of mouth, and I don’t think people could wrap their head around the subject matter.

Arachnids are creepy. Let’s just get that out of the way. They’ve been around for millions of years, and they haven’t gotten any cuter. So when the game asks that players step into the many legs of these creatures, a lot of squeamish Read the rest of this entry

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