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Preview: Resident Evil: Revelations.

3DS continues to stay on the right track by introducing demos for games in their eShop (now if only they would tidy up the format, we’d really be in business). Regardless, the ‘Shop in question has introduced a demo of Resident Evil: Revelations.

I gave up playing the demo for RE5. It just felt frustrating and too non-Resident Evil for me. And don’t even get me started on that stupid knife….

Yet here I am with a new game, and I liked this one.

The first thing I noticed is that the “claustrophobic” feel from the original game is back. Cramped corridors, that sense of dread in opening a new door, random beasts jumping out of you while inside a room. I don’t know what to make of the new creatures in this game, but they were far more inspiring, and I uttered an expletive or two as I ran out of ammo and had to run (okay, so I’m a terrible shot).

The “scare” feeling was back. The tension felt higher instead of “Oh geez, another nasty looking thing shambling towards me.” My time was hoping that the next door I opened wasn’t going to have some Read the rest of this entry

Back From Vacation.

I got back a few days ago from Disney World in Orlando. It’s taking me a few days to readjust from the three hour time change, but it was worth it. I even did get a bit of gaming time in at DisneyQuest as they have an entire floor devoted to classic arcade games. I cleaned up the high score list on Q*Bert, and got to play Marble Madness with its natural trackball, which plays way differently from all of those console analog sticks.

Back home, I’ve had a busy gaming week, namely House of the Dead: Overkill and Street Fighter IV. Overkill heavily takes its cue from the grindhouse films with over the top violence, guns, profanity, and some other crazy stuff that made my jaw drop in shock (the ending for one, is something I may need a support group for). The game, however, is very tongue in cheek with its gross-out shock values, and the majority of the result is very funny, with some hilarious one-liners. The game is full of presentation, style and personality, and is one of the more fun Wii games out there right now, but do NOT play this Read the rest of this entry

Resident Evil 5 Demo.

I’m well familiar with the Resident Evil series, having played the original game on the Playstation long before they went to the traditional jewel cases. With the exception of Part 3 and some of the side stories, I’ve followed the series for quite some time and quite a few remakes. Then came the advent of Resident Evil 5. To understand where I’m coming from, my favorites in the series are the Dreamcast’s Code Veronica, the remade original game for the Gamecube, Part 2, and Part 4 (in no particular order). I also used to play with Jill Valentine quite a bit in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.

So yes, it would be a fair assumption that I would be interested in Part 5, and I was… until I played the demo. The game didn’t exactly leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling, and as expected, here’s why:

* This is Resident Evil 4 with new graphics. Part 4 turned the series on its ear, and came up with a new, fresh idea. I’ve always equated Resident Evil with zombies, but the freak show villagers in the fourth game won me over with the different direction, and solid Read the rest of this entry

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