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Red Ring of Death.

Well, my Xbox 360 finally went to that Red Ring in the sky.

This has not been a good year for me and consoles. At all.

Considering I’ve heard horror stories about Microsoft customer service, and I’m still smarting from my run-in with Nintendo a few months back, if I just replace the system, will I be able to salvage all of my info. off the hard drive? Is it easy to transfer to a new system?

They really don’t make consoles like they used to. Some of my 20-30 old systems still run strong. These new ones, you’re lucky if they last five years.

I really don’t want to have to start from scratch like I did with the Wii.

UPDATE: Called Microsoft, and they’re going to replace my system for free! Shipping and all. Well, that blew my preconceptions. The guy was actually very cool and joking around, putting all of my concerns at ease. The wait’s still going to be a bear, but I’m okay with the trade-off, all things considered.

Red Ring A Comin’?

I fear that the Xbox 360 that I bought last April may be in danger of the “Red Ring of Death”.

I didn’t want a 360 for a long time. Not that I didn’t like the software, but I will admit that I lived in relative fear of the infamous “Ring” that so many websites, forums, and even a close friend of mine told “Boogeyman” level tales about. The stories were never good, especially when I watched said friend go through non-stop turmoil to get his system back, and even then, it had a small physical defect when he got a refurbished one back.

But last April, I caved in, and from a gaming standpoint, I’ve certainly enjoyed it.

Then came this last week….

I downloaded the new level for The Force Unleashed. Quick and easy level, but the level is interesting, and one can rack up some nice achievements on it. During play, it froze one time. No big deal. It has happened once or twice in the past. As a former game tester, there’s still a ton of bugs in any finished product (even the best ones) that one may never come across or think about Read the rest of this entry

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