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Pinball Arcade Is Out.

Farsight Studios seriously needs better marketing or press relations.

Having completely slipped under the radar, Pinball Arcade was purchased by yours truly for my iPad. Seriously, when was this game released? I’ve been waiting for months on an announcement.

This isn’t the first time. The Williams and Gottlieb collections were this way for the Wii. Same for the PS3/Xbox 360 versions. And yet again, same for the 3DS. If you don’t actively keep up with and search out for these games, you are going to have no idea that they even happened. It’s only been very recently that Nintendo acknowledged that the game even existed on their eShop ratings.

Which is puzzling to me. The series has received multiple awards, been praised for its realistic pinball physics and tables based off actual tables, and for budget priced games, they are not budget quality. Don’t get me wrong: I love me some Pinball FX/Zen Pinball, but this series of silver ball titles seem to be discovered either only by pure chance, or word of mouth (like what I’m doing right now).

Pinball Arcade is one step above the previous titles in the series as it covers four companies now: Williams, Bally, Gottlieb and Stern, now with Read the rest of this entry

Tron Legacy Pinball.

These days, only Stern is the only company left making pinball games. It’s simultaneously a shame and a relief, but at least somebody is still doing it.

But I made it a point to go check out the new Tron Legacy pinball machine at the Pinball Hall of Fame.

They even had the courtesy to place it next to the original Tron arcade machine, so while waiting for one, I played the other.

My pictures don’t really do the cabinet art justice, but it’s a wonderland of neon lights and Daft Punk music. And really, what more do you need from the subject matter? It’s a fun experience, with lots of lighted ramps, voices and sound effects. It’s a pretty machine to watch in a darkened room.

Stern’s site gives much more detailed pictures, as well as a means to purchase the machine for a paltry $5,699.00. Considering that I’m hungering for my own pinball machine, this makes the hunger to own this one all the more real.

Now to just scrounge up an extra $5,699.00….

Pinball Hall of Fame Mention.

I just got word that the Pinball Hall of Fame’s Facebook featured an article that I wrote some time back.

That’s pretty cool to be unexpectedly featured.

More Gaming Thoughts.

While I don’t have any specific article topics to post of late, I still have a collection of thoughts in mind.

I just saw my first full, clear photo of Bit.Trip.Runner:

I’ve fallen in love with this little series since its debut on WiiWare, and now that it’s going platformer, I can’t wait to see what Gaijin Games is going to do yet. From the first three installments, it’s become apparent that they clearly understand the aesthetics of gaming. And seeing the 4th installment makes me all giddy. The Bit.Trip series has become one of my favorite series of the last decade.

Speaking of favorite series, there’s a new Pinball Hall of Fame out on the Wii: The Gottlieb Collection. Why this series continues to come out with zero fanfare is beyond me. The series has won multiple awards, and yet the only way I ever seem to find these games is just pure luck in walking through the gaming aisles. Gamestop didn’t even hear of this one, even though it’s been out on the blogosphere for a while.

The Gottlieb Collection is actually a Gamecube port (imagine that happening on the Wii), so it’s an older Read the rest of this entry

Pinball Hall of Fame on Xbox 360.

Long time readers of my blog know that I generally will not shut up in extolling the virtues of Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection on the Wii. While oddly not a mentioned game on the Nintendo Channel, it’s one of the titles that gets the most play time on my Wii.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the game on the 360 today.

Bear in mind that I’ve heard nothing about this version, other than it was rumored months ago, and then all talk of the title dried up to the point where I had assumed it had become vaporware. So when I saw it on the shelf at a budget price with three new boards, I wasted no time in grabbing the title.

So what’s the difference? More detailed graphics, the new boards (Medieval Madness, Tales of the Arabian Nights and No Good Gophers) are quite simply awesome, online leaderboards and the standard achievements. I do miss the motion controls of the Wii version for tilting, as that version is one of the titles that actually uses it motion controls in a sensible manner, but the physics on the 360 version are still quite solid, and the Read the rest of this entry

Pinball Hall of Fame.

I never write that often about what’s going on in my gaming life outside of articles or commentaries, so I thought I’d take a moment to touch on some of my latest gaming exploits.

One nice thing about living in Vegas is that I’ve (so far) discovered three nice arcades: The arcade at the Circus Circus casino, the Gameworks next to the MGM Grand, and the Pinball Museum. Last night, I felt the need for some pinball, so away I went.

To be honest, describing me as “terrible” at pinball is a bit of a kindness on other people’s part. I’m usually “that guy” who ends up launching the ball only to have it home in that spot between the flippers where you can’t hit it, and there it dies, as do all of my turns. I can understand stupid moves in gaming, but when it’s that out of one’s control, I call “foul”.

That said, I actually like pinball, though I’ve never been all that skilled at it. What’s funny is that since the last time that I went to the museum, I picked up Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection for the Wii, and while Read the rest of this entry

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