I got done playing more Super Paper Mario just a little while ago. The game is fantastic, and the art style is just so charmingly well done. I’ve been a sucker for old-school Mario platformers, and this is a real winner. Between that and the Virtual Console’s Punch-Out!!, I’ve been in mini-gaming Heaven.

I enjoy browsing Wikipedia for old game news and franchises. There are so many links that lead from one page to another, that I end up browsing for quite some time if I don’t catch myself. I’ve been looking at a lot of Sega stuff lately: Any new tidbits on NiGHTS (the game looks amazing), and the “glory days” of the Genesis and Dreamcast. I will always be in that camp of Dreamcast should have survived at least 3-4 years longer. It was a remarkable system.

I’ve also been looking up a whole wiki devoted to Phantasy Star, one of my favorite RPG series of all time, in many ways, the only RPG series that could come close to toppling my irrational love for Square-Enix games.

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