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A Terrible Confession To Make.

Yes, it’s true. I have a horrible, dark secret to share.


I’ve played a Facebook game now.

No, I’ve not (and refuse to) be swept into the multitudes of endless games on Facebook that end with “Ville”, but they had to go off and tap my nostalgia bone by releasing Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?.

Yes, they finally hit upon my nostalgia bone, and so I had to see what these are all about.

Presently, I’ve only played Oregon Trail. The graphics are simple but inoffensive, the game plays the game, all the features of the old game are there, along with newer minigames from more recent versions. People are always split on the whole “Oregon Trail” thing. Some like it, others think it’s merely a game mired in nostalgia, and worth nothing more. I still hold a fond place for it, though I understand it may not be for everyone.

While it’s a competent version, the very reasons why I’ve held off from playing Facebook games plague this version. There’s the numerous option to flood your newsfeed (and resulting friend’s list) with every single move and update you make. Fortunately, you can choose Read the rest of this entry

Dysentery and Sweet Jumps.

I don’t know what it is about online gaming sites lately.

Both Kotaku and GamesRadar have been less than kind in their opinion of the edutainment classic, Oregon Trail. While it’s certainly antiquated by today’s standards, it still retains a good deal of charm, and the updated Gameloft version is a very nice upgrade. Is it a bad game? Certainly not. They must have hated computer class in grade school.

But now we get So Long, Oregon.

It certainly adds a previously missing action element to the game, as you make your wagon and oxen do flips off of mountains and shooting at wild animals without getting out of your covered wagon. You also still get typhoid, so all frontier related diseases remain seemingly intact.

For two bucks, I may have to check this out. If anything, so I can backflip my wagon off of Chimney Rock.


First off, Happy Easter! Second off, my apologies for not being abound for a few days. A fun-filled weekend trip to Disneyland was immediately followed by a week long bout of the flu that only today do I feel remotely civil, and inclined to get out of bed. Whoo, that was a rough one.

Regardless of my brief life summary, I started going on another one of my retro kicks. With Game Room largely down and broken until later this month, and I have been only able to play Final Fantasy XIII in short bursts, one starts phone surfing just to see what’s there.

My last hunt found the excellent Transformers RTS. This time, I ran into two old friends:

Number Munchers


Lemonade Stand

This goes well with another retro edutainment game on my iPhone called Oregon Trail

Where you learned such important life lessons such as:

I’m using the old Apple IIc versions so you can revel in all the brown, blue, purple and green glory of these games.

It’s funny how games about math, small business management and history/wilderness survival would have been so endearing in a world where kart racers, mini games, epic RPGs and FPS shooters reign supreme today. Read the rest of this entry

Oregon Trail For Modern Times?

According to the Thule Trail, then yes.

Check out how modern “pioneers” brave the open road here.

(And yes, I do have a copy of the original Oregon Trail for my Apple IIc, and one for iPhone. Best educational game ever created).

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