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Goat Simulator: Post-Script.

Long time readers of my site know that many years ago, I held a near-decade job within the video game biz as a member of Quality Assurance (or in other words, a tester). I played some fun enough games. Other games… well, not so much. But the time from prototype to retail form was a long and perilous road, often eating months of my life at a time. With long hours and waning sanity during “crunch mode”, one had to think outside the box or exploit various glitches within the vilest of games to keep one’s sanity. And sometimes, just sometimes, you could find the most hilarious of things within those games.

Goat Simulator is kind of like that.

At best, this game may actually still be in its “Beta” stage. In some circles of discussion, it might actually be “Alpha”. Let’s get to the point here: It’s glitchy. The physics are massively broken. The music is ridiculous and stupid. The character animations are laughable. Little makes sense. And it’s a hodgepodge of random events that just don’t connect together in any meaningful way. Ordinarily as a gamer, I’d be Read the rest of this entry

Perfect Strangers: The Video Game.

Back in the 1980’s ABC had a block of Friday night sitcoms under their “TGIF” banner. It was largely a series of goofy, inoffensive shows with content that stuck with you even if you claim not to remember it.

And now, after all these years, one of the shows has a video game based around it.

Funny thing, really. You’ve just never realized that you really wanted a game based around the literal translation of the Perfect Strangers title theme. And now, I realize that I actually have wanted a video game based off of this very subject.

Sad part is, I’ve already played it a few times now. What’s more, I actually want to play it again after this post.

White Knuckle Scorin’.

Remember when everything game related in the 1980’s and 1990’s was “extreme”, “rad”, and every over the top adjective that could describe anything? Remember when Nintendo really didn’t have as high standards on what they stuck Mario and company on? I actually do, and while I didn’t have this album, White Knuckle Scorin’ makes me feel only slightly more embarrassed as I would have been back in 1991.

This article
will make you feel somewhat awkward, weird, and a little dirty for looking at it. Not as much as some of those Worlds of Power books that used to be out back in the day, but pretty close.


Pretty darn close….

Five Game Commercials That Time Forgot.

Yahoo! posted this article yesterday, so I thought I’d share it, as video game commercials for the 1980’s were not the sleek, savvy ads they are now, either darkly dark with all their darkness, or so sterile that you feel like you’re in a hospital ward.

No, video game commercials back then were just flat out weird.

Five Video Game Commercials That Time (Sadly) Forgot.

Halloween Gaming.

Considering that I have gaming ornaments on my Christmas tree, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I would find a way to bring the hobby to one of my other favorite holidays, as evidenced by my lawn:

How can you not love this?

A lot of online places have this lasted as $100, but I found it at Wal-Mart for $50, so shop wisely.

I do like the little bit of “oomph” it adds to the festivities, though I would have appreciated a fourth ghost.

Strange/Weird NES Commercial.

What was Nintendo thinking with this utterly bizarre Duck Hunt/Gyromite/Super Mario Bros. mash-up?

It’s like something out of those 1980’s horror anthology TV shows like Tales of the Darkside or Monsters where the video game comes to life and tries to eat you.

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