I’ve been thinking of ways to add more personal touches to my blog for a while now. While I’ve somewhat neglected the “Five Favorite Games” and “Arcade Oddities” features of late (don’t worry, they haven’t retired), I was thinking on adding a new feature, discussing various aspects of gaming, from concept, design, story, art, music, genres, technology, even promotion and packaging.

As many of you may be aware, I was in the gaming industry off and on from 1995-2005, My biggest collection of experience was based with Midway, but I also worked with MumboJumbo/MacPlay, and to a much smaller extent, Sony Online Entertainment and TKO Software. I thought that some of you might find it interesting to hear perspectives of what it was like from someone who has actually been “on the other side”. This is also coupled with someone who has been gaming as a hobby since the late 1970’s, and even without the professional experience…. I’ve still seen a lot.

Of course, I’d want to encourage discussion in this feature, so questions, talkback, agreements/disagreements are welcome. I think it’s important to find perspectives from different types of gamers I’ve had some ideas brewing, and I Read the rest of this entry