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Revising A System.

It’s amazing how a system update can either make or break a system. For this particular entry, I can actually site an example of both. In this case, I wanted to discuss the differences between the new Xbox dashboard versus the 3DS update.

I’ve been on the fence about Microsoft’s “evolution” with the Xbox. Between the introduction of Kinect, and the attempt to recreate the nuances of the Wii (one system that NEVER updates, and at this point, never will), they’ve broken down the easy to navigate style, and somewhat utilitarian functionality of the Dashboard. Certainly, it was simple, but it was to the point. Something that I appreciated.

The last updates change introduced a lot of “whooshing” sound effects to every motion you made (which was thankfully able to be disabled), and while different, was manageable enough to compensate for and become familiar with. I wasn’t a huge fan of 2010-2011’s look in comparison to previous years, but “eh”. What can you do?

I do not like the new interface. At all.

At this point, I sound like a broken record. Or perhaps I’m more set in my ways than I care to admit. Read the rest of this entry

Got My Netflix Disc In For the Wii.

I haven’t posted in forever. It’s been one of those crazy months, and looks to stay that way until May.

That said, I got my Netflix streaming disc in for the Wii last week. I don’t consider myself an “HD Snob”, but I do recognize the difference, and I’m a little more particular in watching TV shows. I thought it was a great service to offer the Wii, one that should have been offered a long time ago, but I was hoping that the load times weren’t atrocious, there wasn’t some weird “family friendly” feature that would eliminate darker movies and reduce people to only watching Disney Channel fare, and the picture quality didn’t look like a Sega CD game (or more realistically, the poor video quality of the Nintendo Channel).

Color me surprised.

I watch The IT Crowd as my first offering, and while there is a little bit of grain, the picture quality is solid overall, and definitely watchable. The load times are reasonable, and the menu navigation with the Wii Remote is intuitive and simple. Since the Netflix account is set to my main account (and my Xbox 360), shows I was watching on Read the rest of this entry

Netflix On The Wii.

At the risk of sounding like a public service announcement, I do have a lot of Wii fans that read my blog, so I thought I’d share this link.

Netflix is coming to the Wii this Spring, and if you’re planning to get the streaming disc(?), you’ll want to order it from here.

(Or for those not wanting all of the pomp and circumstance, click here).

Now it just remains to see how the picture quality will be, and how the streaming disc affects things….

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