I was late to the Minecraft game. Sure, I’ve heard about the “build anything you want” premise that the game has, but being more a MacBook person, I never got around to trying the title on PC.

That changed when the game came to the Xbox 360.

This version of the title is essentially “Minecraft Lite”, a smaller version of the PC world, with less mod options. For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s basically a giant virtual Lego set. Even moreso than than the actual Lego games (although Lego has created an official Lego Minecraft set). It’s a world where you can create, break down, relocate, and is fueled by the power of your imagination. It almost sounds like a marketing tagline, doesn’t it? But at least it’s true.

Pretty much everything can be affected in the world. If not reused in its original form, the elements can be used to create something else. It’s a world of ice and oceans, caves and mountains, forests and beaches. And it’s populated by a number of unusual inhabitants. When you start the game, you are very much on your own. No tools, nothing to Read the rest of this entry