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Dear Nintendo….

While I understand that you are busy trying to pretend that Operation Rainfall doesn’t exist, what puzzles me is that you are not acknowledging two of your major milestones this year. What are they? Let me provide a quick reminder:

The 30th anniversary of Donkey Kong

And the 25th anniversary of Metroid.

Credit where due, the celebration thus far of Legend of Zelda‘s 25th event is much better than the miniscule nod that you gave Super Mario Bros.‘ quarter century last year, but certainly you have a little love in your heart for these two gaming greats.

The more time goes on, the less I understand Nintendo of America these days.

Metroid Shirt In 30 Minutes.

I love/hate Teefury.

Even though I only got “hip” to this design a little while ago, there is 30 minutes left if you would like to own this shirt:

They have this awesome/horrible habit of introducing shirts like this, and this one was too cool not to share.

Metroid Are Real.

And they live in our seas….

What’s creepy is that they actually glow in the correct spot….

Preparing For Metroid: Other M.

So I expect to be playing Metroid: Other M soon.

I have mixed feelings, anticipation and trepidation for this one.

The reviews have been mixed for this title. Some say it’s good. Others say it’s a disappointment. All say it’s different. Many say the story and dialogue are just plain awful. So I’m hesitant and curious to check it out.

From a personal standpoint, I’m a little nervous to play it on my system. I haven’t played a lot of retail titles on my Wii this year after the multiple botched repair jobs I got from that offsite repair service Nintendo uses. After wiping my data and repeatedly getting a slew of disc-mangling consoles, I’m admittedly gun shy to see if my latest iteration will actually work properly or not. But I suppose that I need to “get over it” eventually, right?

Regardless, I still remember my first time playing the original Metroid. It was the Summer of 1988 over at a freidn of mine’s house. We played and played, and I remember finding the “JUSTIN BAILEY” password that unlocked Samus as a green haired, pink leotard clad lady. It was the Zelda of Read the rest of this entry

The Nintendo Difference.

I decided to wait a few weeks after E3 to really sit down and discuss Nintendo’s new line-up for the Wii. I’m sold on the 3DS purely due to my love for Kid Icarus: Uprising, and after 20+ years, one takes what they can get. Of course, Starfox 64 3D and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D hold my interest as well. But it’s a telling sign that a lot of games are getting crazy for two remakes that are over 10+ years old, and a franchise that hasn’t been touched in two decades. Honestly, it sounds like the current state of the film industry, doesn’t it?

Of course, there will be other titles, and the line-up does look exciting, so that’s little more than an observation on my part.

For the Wii itself, things couldn’t be better as far as retail goes. For a while, my interests remained purely with WiiWare titles and Virtual Console selections. For the time being (or seemingly indefinitely), NoA has shelved the Virtual Console, which is unfortunate. From 3-4 games a week, to one game a week, to hoping for at least one game a month, one of my Read the rest of this entry

Nintendo Wins.

After a weak 2008 showing, and an average 2009 (with highlights) showing, Nintendo has apparently lost their minds and provided a software lineup that has the potential to crush everything out there.

Since the Wii took off, we’ve seen a handful of mini-game compilations, tech demos meant to push hardware accessories, and the bone thrown here and there to the old fans. I’m not going to shield that I’ve had a love/hate affair with Nintendo of late (especially after my multiple Wii debacle this year), but after seeing their 2010/2011 lineup….

I’d have to have a heart of stone not to fall in love with both the Wii’s and 3DS lineup.

This title has sold me on a 3DS. Day 1:

I’m not going to lie: I teared up with retro-nostalgia glee. There’s also talk of updating classic Nintendo 64 games, like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, plus, a new Nintendogs game (please, cairn terriers this time), which was the only other virtual pet sim I’ve genuinely liked outside of Seaman. That’s nothing to say of a new 3DS Resident Evil or Metal Gear.

And then Nintendo had to just go crazy with my weaknesses: Franchise revival mixed with retro 2D Read the rest of this entry

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