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Post-Christmas Gaming.

You know, as we reached the holidays, one would think the concept of “free time” would be easier to attain, yet here I am a month later. Fortunately, I’ve got a few things to discuss over the remainder of the week, but for now, let’s talk the best time of the year: Christmas gaming.

For starters, I picked up this bad boy for my holiday decorations. I hadn’t planned to until I saw it in action, and then was committed from that point on.

For the rest of the holidays, I finally got an iPad, meaning that I can try out games on that platform now, and I also got a cool movie theater themed popcorn maker. Not a bad haul.

But as for proper games, I got two nice selections for Kinect: Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Just Dance 3.

It’s hard finding games for Kinect, and strangely, the best looking titles are essentially “kid’s games” (I still want to play the Sesame Street game).

But Kinect Disneyland Adventures is a near-perfect rendition of the Anaheim park, right down the Captain EO Tribute and the chairs in the food courts. About the only thing that’s missing are Star Tours and the Indiana Read the rest of this entry

Microsoft: Initial Thoughts.

I’m a little… confused by the Microsoft presser. Mostly, let down, but I don’t know what I was expecting. Certainly not that.

I may be one of the few, but I had hoped that Microsoft would have found a solution for Game Room and fixed it up. It’s a horrible waste and a sad death for a fun service, but between this and 1 Vs. 100, it sends a pretty clear message on how Microsoft is going to treat services like this, and I won’t be investing in any of their new programming services. Burn me twice….

Kinect is clearly the focus of the show. And on one hand, that’s fine. Other than Dance Central and Yoostar 2, I haven’t played anything truly exceptional for the device. Kinect Sports is fun, but it is, after all, a Wii Sports clone from a former Nintendo developer. But I am ready to see some new content for the device, and see what the next batch has to offer.

Is it just me, or is it weird that a Sesame Street game, of all things, is easily the best looking offering of the lot? The Gunstringer looks fun Read the rest of this entry

So I’m doing something a little different with this “Post-Script”: Reviewing a title that has been released on two systems. “But wait”, I hear you say. “Aren’t cross-platform releases the exact same thing with minimal to no changes?” In some cases, yes. In other cases, even though some games may have the same name, the similarities stop there. Look at 2009’s Ghostbusters game. Both Wii and HD versions have the same main story, but are presented in two entirely different ways. And such is the case of Michael Jackson: The Experience.

There is one continued “grouse” point that I will bring up for both: Store-exclusive content. The game is pretty much the same wherever you go, save for Wal-Mart, where buyers get an extra exclusive track “Another Part of Me” from the Bad album and the Captain EO mini-film. I personally love this song, and the news wasn’t widely hyped, so it’s irritating to miss out on such a catchy tune. Buyer beware. More content for the same price.

But the Wii version and Kinect version are two separate beasts. I’ll point out all the major differences:

Wii: The game is set Read the rest of this entry

Yoostar 2 Impressions.

For those of you who don’t know much about my other lines of work past the video gaming aspects (which was years ago), I am an actor. You may have seen me around, and may not have even realized it. In fact, my name on here comes from one of those roles (and long-time readers know that I referenced that origin some time ago if you care to hit the archives). So when Yoostar 2 was announced, I was intrigued. Could this game essentially be the Rock Band for actors?

Largely, I’d have to say “Yes”.

The concept is simple. Using the 360’s or (PS3’s) camera, players can integrate themselves into a set (and growing) number of television shows and movies (from Casablanca to The Hangover, to show how far reaching the eras go), and there’s DLC, so the number of options could only grow at this point.

The tech itself is actually really cool. The game removes one of the actors from one of these films and puts you in their place instead. The video quality isn’t as seamless as the promotional videos portray. It’s not bad, and like real acting, changes in lighting, color Read the rest of this entry

Just For Kids, Right?

This is a little more of an unusual post, but it really brings home a subject that I’ve long contemplated when it comes to video games.

How old were you when you started playing video games? For that matter, what were some of your first video games? For me, I was 4 years old, cutting my teeth on games like Combat, Superman, Adventure, and Space Invaders for the Atari 2600, then Pac-Man in the arcades. Everyone has to start somewhere, and with gaming so new and novel at the time, it was a few years before the concept of “kid’s gaming” came around.

Think about what generally passes for “kid’s gaming” these days: Oversimplified concepts and design, repetitive gameplay, questionable production values, and some licensed character of the day cut and pasted for generally lackluster visuals. I mean, you don’t have to try to put effort into a game skewed for the younger set. Are they really going to be able to know the difference?

Back then, Atari had difficulty for their regular games marked with a friendly bear symbol to give even the littlest ones a chance. There were a few games for older computers like the Read the rest of this entry

Yoostar 2 Finally Allows For Those Acting Dreams.

While I’ve said in the past that I wish Kinect would get off the “Wii Too” library of knock-offs, it seems my dreams may be coming true:

Yoostar 2 looks like the greatest party game to ever exist (for me). I can not wait to start hamming it up with these movie and TV clips, and Lord, I hope they start doing add-ons for other movies. The potential of this looks to be a perfect successor to all of those Rock Band marathons at my get=togethers….

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