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Pac-Man Fever.

Aggh, I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last update, but there have been a few good reasons for that.

Mostly family and friend visits, in addition to getting ready for said family and friend visits, and honestly, I haven’t had much time to game lately, which makes it a little hard to pontificate on the subject when you haven’t picked up a controller all that much.

But I do take that back to an extent. There was a Pac-Man Championship DX tournament at Insert Coins last week, which I made a point to enter. The hard part was that a week before, I pulled tendons in my gaming hand the weekend before that, so my electronic interfaces of any sort were limited. Even now, typing isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world.

For a busted hand, I did alright. I scored 1.3 million, which put me in the Top 5 of the tournament. I had to wait my turn, kept my hand from getting too sore, and then my moment arrived.

I started out well, practicing from weeks before, but my thumb went screwy, meaning that I died early in the first few minutes. But Read the rest of this entry

Overdue Update.

My apologies for taking so long to update the ol’ blog. I’ve been busy of late, and unfortunately, just haven’t had as much time to catch up. Regardless, I did have an interesting event about a week and a half ago, so I thought I’d share.

Insert Coin(s) was hosting a podcast not too terribly long ago with featured guest Keith Robinson. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Keith is the “big guy” of Intellivision from back in the day, and is still going strong now.

The podcast was supposed to start at 5:00 that night, but ended up starting more around 7:00. But really, it turned out very well for me, as I got to approach Keith, get my copy of Intellivision Lives! for the DS signed, and spent about an hour talking to him.

Getting to sit down with a “legend” like Keith, especially for that long a time is something that a gamer could only hope for. We talked about the state of gaming then and now, transferring Intellivision games(and its quirky controller) over to modern gaming consoles and experiences, the future of where he would like to take the games, handling licensing issues Read the rest of this entry

Insert Coin(s): The Review.

I feel that pictures speak louder than words, but I will detail the events of Insert Coin(s) here. For a more detailed review, you may be interested in reading my Yelp review.

I attended both the “soft opening” and the official “Grand Opening” of the venue. Thursday night’s outing gave me a less crowded and more intimate view of the place, as well as a chance to briefly speak with Chris LaPorte, the owner of the place, who was busily running around to make sure everything was up and running. But chat with him briefly I did, and I think that he has a good mindset about the place.

The arcade is a rarity these days. Something from an era sadly long gone. But “vintage” and “retro” is in these days, and arcade games are practically museum pieces. There’s an understanding that gaming needs to appeal to a larger scale audience than just “us”. So it’s an arcade. And a bar. And it has some dancing and a DJ lounge (bear in mind some of these pics were taken before the lights went down, allowing me to better show details of the Read the rest of this entry

Big Night Tonight.

I’m about to be heading out to that new Insert Coin(s) bar officially opening tomorrow in Las Vegas’ Fremont Street Experience.

They are doing a soft opening tonight, and so, I’m going, and I’ll be reporting back upon my grand return.

Pictures and updates soon.

Insert Coin(s) – April 2011.

This has been discussed for months, but a new gaming/arcade bar is coming to Downtown Las Vegas this April. Considering what they promise, this could be very, very cool, and worth a visit by classic gamers. I’m just glad to see someone fighting to keep the arcades alive.

Here are two promos for Insert Coin(s):

Opening April 18!

A New Arcade?

Imagine my surprise when I found out a new vintage arcade/bar is set to open in my neck of the woods next month. Complete with awesome name: Insert Coins.

Who knew that Vegas would actually get something this impressive, and seemingly out of the blue? If they have all the old-school classics present, this may be the closest thing to Flynn’s Arcade that I’ve experienced recently.

January can not come soon enough. Well, that, and Tron Legacy next month. The Daft Punk soundtrack is currently available for $3.99 on Amazon, by the way.

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