I got my Hanafuda cards in from Club Nintendo today. I’ve always been interested in the Hanafuda cards as it was one of the first products that Nintendo produced (well, that and their “love hotels”), so when I finally got enough points, I picked them up (I already had an import version of Game & Watch Gallery for DS).

Now comes the hard part: Do I open them or not? They actually come in a really cool little box, and the illustrations are quite striking. I was thinking about taking a photo or two since they’re so unique. I probably will break down before it’s over, but it’s a cool little item.

In the gaming world, I saw this preview trailer for a DS version of Sega’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. The game itself looks great, but no one can confirm if this game is canceled or not. I hope not, because the animations are awesome. The butt-rock soundtrack… eh, not so much.

But here it is, awesomely bad soundtrack and all. “Alienzzzzz-AH!”