Gamers are undoubtedly aware that Guitar Hero has finally seen its final swan song courtesy of Activision.

While I’m sure that some view it as a sign of relief, it can’t help but be tinged by a hint of sadness. After all, Guitar Hero paved the way for a whole new genre (and a closet filled with tons of plastic instruments), as well as a respectable competitor in Rock Band. But really, the “Guitar War” broke down into a “Coke Vs. Pepsi” matter of choice. It was simply a matter of what appealed to the player’s personal preferences more.

So what killed it, really? I would think the multiple updates per year didn’t help matters. Rock Band put out three main entries, three spn offs, and a portable version for PSP. Harmonix did the first two Guitar Hero games and one spin-off before Activision took over. Activision did its regular “annualization” of the franchise like it does to pretty much everything else… except that it released multiple entries per year, spin-off series…. It became too much, and the series just ran itself into the ground. There’s only so many titles one can afford, and Read the rest of this entry