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Ghostbusters: Post-Script.

There are certain games that come along that remind you as to why you’re in this hobby for the first place. For me, it’s the challenge, or the option to be something that, under normal reality circumstances, I could never be. While Star Wars: The Force Unleashed brought me pretty close to realizing my Jedi dreams, I’m still waiting for that “perfect” lightsaber game.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game has helped me to realize a dream that I’ve had since I was 8 years old.

I normally don’t do reviews here, and this isn’t really one, either. But the game itself should be noted for so many things: Creative level design, excellent writing, generally solid voice acting, clever and substantial references to the first two films, as well as the animated series, genuine laugh out loud humor, surprisingly scary and creepy bits, and the ghost catching mechanics themselves….

They’re what you hope for. They are what you want them to be, and while you would expect the novelty of catching ghosts to wear off after the first bust or two, I gleefully worked on capturing ghosts until the final end. And wanted more.

Sure there’s a few minor quibbles here and Read the rest of this entry

Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good….

In a few short hours, I’ll be heading out to pick up my copy of Ghostbusters, which will result in me being MIA for a few days until I get all of the giddiness out of my system.

I’ve been looking forward to this game more than most games released. My level of excitement for this would be comparable to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and probably won’t be matched until Beatles: Rock Band.

After Xbox Live gets the update taken care of (why on the day of this game’s release? Arrgh!), I’ll be forming my ghostbustin’ troop and zapping ghosts while belting out sarcastic one-liners to my heart’s content. The reviews have been positive, and it’s moments like these that remind me as to why I enjoy this hobby so much.

Until then, it’s more Left 4 Dead multiplayer with some friends of mine, and then I hop into the Ecto-1 to wrangle some supernatural glory.

Also, I will make a better effort to post future videos in a fashion that won’t bleed out of my site’s layout. It does suck to not be able to see what’s going on the the righthand side without having to click away to the Read the rest of this entry

New Ghostbusters Trailer.

I think my head may have exploded a little….

Okay, so it exploded a lot.

Way looking forward to this one.

Ghostbusters The Game.

Well, it finally happened: They’re releasing a Ghostbusters game.

When I was a kid, I loved Ghostbusters (not much has changed, actually). Watched the movies and cartoons, had the action figures, listened to my cassettes of the soundtracks, played the David Crane version on my Apple IIc, then Atari 2600, the NES, the Sega Master System. Then the second movie came out, and so did the awesome Sega Genesis version of Ghostbusters.

And as much as the third movie was talked about, it never appeared.

But my fandom continued. Heck, I even met Ernie Hudson:

I bought the Ghostbusters: Legion comic from 88MPH Studios, who has still never sent me my hardcover book after three years (a long story), bought a few of the figures from NECA, and hoped that the cartoon series would be released to DVD one day (it hasn’t). I’d still sift through one of the biggest Ghostbusters fansites around in hopes for any small morsel of news.

But last week, my childhood dream has been answered.

The video is here. The pictures are here.

The cast is reuniting for this game! The game looks great, and I’m excited over its October 2008 release. The possibilities of using Read the rest of this entry

New Ghostbusters Game?

As tipped off by my friend Danny, there is a company called Zootfly that had a tech demo released on YouTube for a possible Ghostbusters game. If this were true….

Here’s the link for the news.

One can hope that this would come to light.

I know. I post a lot about how great I think the Wii is, but this title absolutely screams for it. The Wiimote as a proton blaster and the nunchuk as a ghost trap? Multi-player support? I wouldn’t even mind seeing it on the Xbox 360, especially if it meant playing with my friends as a fully functional Ghostbusters team on Xbox Live.

At any rate, being a Ghostbusters fan myself, I think the franchise could definitely benefit from a high-profile project like this. Will all the pop-culture rebirths, from Transformers to Evil Dead, Ghostbusters, has been one that has quite possibly gotten the biggest shaft, which is quite frankly stupid given the amount of die-hard fans that can be found in such places as Ghostbusters.Net.

I’d love to see this happen. I haven’t played a good Ghostbusters game since the days of the Sega Genesis.

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