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No Longer A Blockbuster Night.

If you’ve been following entertainment news lately, Blockbuster Video is closing.

Realistically, it’s simply a sign of the times. Every year, physical media (movies, games, music, books) dwindles smaller and smaller as it all makes way for an eventual digital format. 10 years from now, we may not even have “physical copy” anymore. Even five years from now, it may be possible. It’s hard to say.

And it makes sense. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video…. And for those who still want a physical something, there’s Redbox. Mom ‘N’ Pop video stores have been dying out for years, having been slowly edged out in the past by the tsunami known as Blockbuster, and now in no small irony, Blockbuster is now feeling that same pain.

This is the actual Blockbuster Video from my small hometown, taken in 2009. Between that and another big local video store called Movieland, they were the “Coke and Pepsi” choices in my town. And I actually worked at this store in the mid 1990’s.

Before then, I went to Movieland to rent my NES games (not to mention they had one of the best arcades in town). There was something so magical Read the rest of this entry

Latest Gaming News.

I’m working on trying to get back to a more regular posting format. It’s been a long process of trying to keep updated with games, news, and more importantly, just playing them. Fortunately, I’ve been more active with gaming in the last month, so there’s a bit to write about.

Let’s start with the Gamestop Expo. that was in Las Vegas a few weeks back. I can tell you this much: It was a more than ideal place to gather StreetPass with my 3DS. It was a smaller, consumer oriented E3, but it did showcase the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and this Fall’s games. It also gave me an opportunity to shamelessly mug in some gaming scenarios:

The show was fun, and while it didn’t show anything earth-shatteringly new or exclusive, it did allow the public to get an early hands on for a lot of the upcoming titles this year.

After the Expo wrapped, Nintendo announced the 2DS…. And I thought it was an article from The Onion.

I can’t win. I must be one of the few people in the gaming community who thinks the device is a silly idea, and never had the “eye crippling” experience Read the rest of this entry

Oculus Rift: Impressions.

A friend of mine invited me to check out his Oculus Rift dev kit last night.

I’ve heard a lot about it, and read articles, but like any physical accessory, you can’t really understand what it’s about until you’ve had a chance to experience it for yourself.

I sat down at my friend’s computer as he handed me the tech. It’s a sizable headseat that you strap on your head, and once fitter, he suggested that I close my eyes to really experience the full effect. Once the program ran, he told me to open my eyes.

My first impression was that you need a rotating chair to play with this. The visuals literally become your eyes. You can look up,down, and all around you in a full 360 view, and it’s unlike any other VR headset I’ve seen in that regard.

I watched a few demos of what Oculus Rift can do: One of the demos looked like a Windows screensaver on steroids as the rendered, jagged white balls slowly cruised past me. As they passed, I could look up and see them float past me, then turn around and watch the same ball pass into the distance. Read the rest of this entry

Catching Up.

Whew! I’m still here, believe it or not. Truth is, I’ve been swamped with “real world” writing for nearly two months now, and free time for recreational writing has been low. But I’m trying to fix that, so here I am. I also need to delete the spam my comments section got railed with. Do people really think that form of advertising works?

I missed all of the E3 commentary. That’s not to say that I didn’t pay attention. After the show, I think my next system of choice will be a Playstation 4. Some things simply don’t sit well with me after Microsoft’s show, even with the 180 they did after being blasted by every gaming publication and critic for their “It’s our way or up yours” attitude. It’s a little frustrating as I’ve really enjoyed the quality of games on the 360. I just can’t support them this time, especially with Microsoft being so buddy-buddy with the NSA, which I don’t agree with, nor do I agree with the “always on” Kinect that swears that it’s only listening for you to say “Kinect On”.

But it’s still listening to Read the rest of this entry

The Future Of Gaming.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling a little weird about the whole “video game” thing.

That’s not to say that I’m shutting down the site, or even *gasp* giving up gaming, it’s just that the industry feels weird now.

I keep all of my legacy consoles. I love a good arcade when I find one. I currently play things for my 3DS, Xbox 360 and Steam, as well as a few iOS games, but damn it all if I can’t figure out this new generation.

It’s like game consoles don’t want to be game consoles anymore. I really started thinking about this after the Xbox One reveal in relation to my own personal tastes in gaming. Granted, I like the idea of carrying on my profile and Gamerscore legacy. I think that’s a natural fit, but there are some things I’m not liking. All of this digital ownership that makes it seem like the User doesn’t “own” anything anymore. The “always on” Kinect somewhat creeps me out, despite assurances that privacy will be the forefront of concerns. I don’t want ads directed at me over random, private conversations. I don’t want intimate moments Read the rest of this entry

The Gaming Life Of The Dread Pirate Guy.

I’m getting a little better on the whole posting thing. I don’t know what it is with me and this year. I barely have any time to write anything these days, much less on here.

But I have been busy on Twitter, of all things. I’m usually not the biggest Twitter enthusiast, but it just seems better to post bite-size chunks right now.

But I have been gaming again, which is good.

Let’s see, I’ve picked up a few games: Sonic Generations and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Xbox 360, Epic Mickey 2 for Wii, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for 3DS, and took advantage of the Fall Steam sale, where I raked in a few Lucasarts point and click titles, Binding of Isaac, realMyst, and a few more. Again, where to find the time….

(Here’s my Steam profile, by the way, in case you wish to add me.)

Gaming interest wise, I’ve been on a Sega kick of late. It seems like Sega is getting back to embracing its roots again, which is refreshing. I loved the Master System, Genesis, and Dreamcast, and looking back, they really did provide some innovative content that Nintendo never did. That’s Read the rest of this entry

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