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The Gaming Life Of The Dread Pirate Guy.

I’m getting a little better on the whole posting thing. I don’t know what it is with me and this year. I barely have any time to write anything these days, much less on here.

But I have been busy on Twitter, of all things. I’m usually not the biggest Twitter enthusiast, but it just seems better to post bite-size chunks right now.

But I have been gaming again, which is good.

Let’s see, I’ve picked up a few games: Sonic Generations and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Xbox 360, Epic Mickey 2 for Wii, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for 3DS, and took advantage of the Fall Steam sale, where I raked in a few Lucasarts point and click titles, Binding of Isaac, realMyst, and a few more. Again, where to find the time….

(Here’s my Steam profile, by the way, in case you wish to add me.)

Gaming interest wise, I’ve been on a Sega kick of late. It seems like Sega is getting back to embracing its roots again, which is refreshing. I loved the Master System, Genesis, and Dreamcast, and looking back, they really did provide some innovative content that Nintendo never did. That’s Read the rest of this entry

Wreck-It Ralph.

While information has been incredibly scarce up to this point, there is a new Disney movie coming out called Wreck-It Ralph.

Why should you care? Because it’s all about video games.

Not only that, it’s going to be full of cameos from famous video game characters (everyone from Bowser, to Dr. Robotnik, to Kano, to Dr. Wily), as video bad guy Ralph goes on an epic quest of arcade proportions to finally be the hero. From the sound of it, it’s going to be the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? for video games.

Oh sure, this sort of thing draws me in like you wouldn’t believe, but they also debuted this at the D23 expo:

Fix-It Felix Jr. (from TomiKobi) looks to be heavily inspired by Nintendo arcade games of old, from gameplay to the cabinet art. If Disney Interactive doesn’t drop this game as a download around the film’s debut, they will have missed a major tie-in opportunity.

There’s not much out there right now, but the trailer is said to debut alongside Pixar’s Brave. I’ll likely be posting more as it gets closer to its premiere. It’s been so low-key that it’s easy to forget about, but hopefully, and knowing Read the rest of this entry

Bad Online Designs.

I don’t get these gaming sites anymore. The gaming magazine is slowly dying out, and one day, it may be gone altogether. While Egon Spengler once said “print is dead”, it’s not hard to find potential accuracy in that statement in the ease of finding information in the digital age.

I have my own personal favorite gaming sites. I read IGN from the Nintendo 64 days of the min 1990’s to just a few years ago. I loved the site, and visited it daily.

Until that last style change.

The site has become much harder to navigate, and archived news and reviews seem to be pure luck, or direct online searches in finding past news or something that I want to reference. From easy to navigate and quick bouncing back and forth from platform specific sites to one giant unorganized mess, I eventually stopped going unless some other site directly referenced an article that I access from a link.

In short: I loved IGN, but their horrid new site layout of the last few years has caused me to quit visiting. That new site designer seriously ripped the company off.

Imagine my disappointment when Kotaku has Read the rest of this entry

The Death of Guitar Hero.

Gamers are undoubtedly aware that Guitar Hero has finally seen its final swan song courtesy of Activision.

While I’m sure that some view it as a sign of relief, it can’t help but be tinged by a hint of sadness. After all, Guitar Hero paved the way for a whole new genre (and a closet filled with tons of plastic instruments), as well as a respectable competitor in Rock Band. But really, the “Guitar War” broke down into a “Coke Vs. Pepsi” matter of choice. It was simply a matter of what appealed to the player’s personal preferences more.

So what killed it, really? I would think the multiple updates per year didn’t help matters. Rock Band put out three main entries, three spn offs, and a portable version for PSP. Harmonix did the first two Guitar Hero games and one spin-off before Activision took over. Activision did its regular “annualization” of the franchise like it does to pretty much everything else… except that it released multiple entries per year, spin-off series…. It became too much, and the series just ran itself into the ground. There’s only so many titles one can afford, and Read the rest of this entry

The Gamespot Debacle.

As of 2 A.M. (PST), Gamespot no longer has ads on their page. Under normal circumstances, I’d link to it, but I choose not to give Gamespot or Eidos any additional traffic. But it’s there (or not), if you choose to look for yourself.

As many people are aware, reviewer Jeff Gerstmann has seemingly been fired for giving a 6.0 to Eidos game Kane & Lynch. Bear in mind a “6” isn’t horrible. Obviously, it’s not the best, but it’s above average. Why? Well, Eidos put a LOT of advertising on Gamespot’s site, promoting the game, only to have it get a so-so review. I guess Jeff didn’t appease the corporate marketing juggernaut, so it was “bye-bye” for Jeff.

Sadly, this is not the first instance of in the pocket corruption that has gone on in the industry. The difference with this one is is that it was caught and brought to attention. Hell, Capcom pulled ads from EGM for quite some time a few years back, because their reviewers didn’t go crazy over the newest revision of Street Fighter II. But then, Capcom’s retaliation didn’t get anyone fired, either.

Sadly, this goes on Read the rest of this entry

Jack Thompson.

I’ve tried to avoid discussing this subject, just as much as I’ve tried to not talk about the school shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech. It’s a helpless situation, and other than feeling sorry that such senselessness occurred, I don’t know how much else I could comment on the subject. But school shootings aren’t new. And neither are Jack Thompson’s crazy rants.

It makes you wonder why Jack Thompson hates the video game industry so. Every time something ugly in the world rears its head, Jack Thompson can be seen on FOX news squawking that this is yet again the fault of video games. Everything is to blame because of video gaming and electronic entertainment. It makes you wonder what kind of video games, Hitler, Genghis Khan, and Alexander the Great played? Because obviously, someone traveled back in time to let them play the latest Xbox games.

“Dr. Phil” is no better. He’s also on the forefront blaming video games for the shooting as well. It’s funny: I worked at Midway for about a third of my life. And I spent countless hours playing M-Rated games such as Mortal Kombat, Doom, Bio FREAKS, Mace: Read the rest of this entry

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