It’s been a busy few weeks for me, as I’ve been to Las Vegas, then had family visit from out of town, but I’ve also had some time to enjoy a few games. Notably, the re-release of Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix for the GameCube, and Jaws: Unleashed for the Playstation 2.

Mario’s romp in the DDR world was a pleasant surprise for me. While not as challenging as other entries in the series, and certainly not using all of the multiple ditties the series is known for, the game does an enjoyable job of implementing Mario game mechanics into DDR play. It includes everything from Goomba stomping, to jumping on the flagpoles at the end of the level, and it works well in combining the two genres. Some of the those moments actually reminded me of World Class Track Meet back in the old NES days (who didn’t pound the Power Pad with their hands in order to beat those harder runners?). I figure as new DDR games make their way to the Wii console, the Action Pad accessory will turn out to be useful for the future. All the same, Metroid DDR might Read the rest of this entry