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Quick Update.

It has been a super busy week for me with work, but I wanted to check in as I know I have a lot of info. to update, including my week’s trip to CES (Don’t get too excited. You’ll understand why after my report, but there was a personal surprise for me, which I’ll detail because it’s fun).

I will say that in bringing my 3DS to CES this week, I didn’t get quite as many StreetPass tags as I would have hoped over the last three days (about a dozen), or as many regions added to my locations list (2 new states here, and 2 regions of Japan), but at least I can take my 3DS out and finally get signs of life on the thing. I’m sure Christmas helped matters a lot.

Also, Zen Pinball (thanks to SuperPhillip for reminding me that it’s NOT Pinball FX as found on the Xbox 360). It’s available for download on the 3DS as of today (for us in the States), and finally, Nintendo has allowed for an online system to be properly implemented in a game. If you download it, we can all attempt to crush each other’s scores. Read the rest of this entry

Best and Worst of 2010.

It’s hard to believe that we have just a little over a day left of 2010, and then on to 2011. This has been an unusual year for gaming, and all things related, from the return of Classic Gaming Expo and Tron, to every company joining the motion control race, there’s been a lot to talk about. While this won’t be as formal of a list as previous years, I still have a lot to cover.

Best Game (Retail)

Epic Mickey – It’s so good to see Mickey Mouse return to proper gaming form with a real adventure under his belt. It’s not the motion controls that make this game. It’s not the system. It’s the heart. Warren Spector poured his love and very soul into this game, and even with a few unfortunate issues such as a screwy camera, and some control and backtracking quirks, those are easily dismissed when you realize that we got a big name, big budget game that somebody genuinely cared for the source material, licensed or not. A remarkable title for whatever system you like to play.

Best Game (Download)

Super Meat Boy – Infinitely difficult and mean-spirited, but always with a Read the rest of this entry

The Games of 2009.

Surprisingly, I didn’t get any games for Christmas this year. In the long run, that’s alright, as I have plenty to play, and this move (still) looms over me.

I’m doing my “Best of” format a little different this year, without the categories, but am listing my 10 favorite titles of the year, and a few “Honorable Mention” nods.

So without further adieu, here are my Top 10 Favorites of 2009:

1.) Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Xbox 360 – Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise, this game is essentially the third movie. It satisfied every expectation that I had as a gamer, a Ghostbusters fan, and then some. One of my most anticipated games of the year, it did not disappoint in the least.

2.) Batman: Arkham Asylum – Xbox 360 – While it’s been fairly customary for me to dismiss any Batman game in the last 15 years (with the exception of the charming Lego: Batman), I was set to do the same with this…. Until I played the demo. The demo put to rest every fear that I had about this game sucking, and was one of the finest free-roaming adventure titles I’ve played since the Castlevania Read the rest of this entry

2008 Gaming Year In Review.

A busy year in the world of gaming, so I thought I’d touch on my “big” and most favorite titles of the year.

Best Wii Game: Super Smash Bros. – This was an easy win for the Wii, as it’s a wish list of what people liked about Nintendo. From characters to stages to nods to even the most obscure of titles, this made for a great gaming experience, and easily the best game on the Wii this year. Boom Blox should also be noted for the Honorable Mention.

Best WiiWare Game: World of Goo – A quirky title that made great use of the Wii Remote, couple with graphics and music that wouldn’t seem out of place in a Tim Burton movie. On top of that, it had a playful sense of humor, a great sense of physics, and clever puzzles. One of the best offerings on Nintendo’s new service.

Best Xbox 360 Game: Grand Theft Auto IV – While I didn’t play it quite as much as the other GTA titles, the multiplayer was a blast to join a few buddies in play, and tear up the city. There was certainly enough to do, and the main Read the rest of this entry

New Year.

So via Nintendo, I got the “new and improved” Wii straps in the mail today used to strengthen the cords for the Wiimote. Truthfully, I am an avid Wiimote swinger, but on the same token, I don’t fling my controller like a moron. Wii Have A Problem makes you wonder what the Hell is wrong with some of these people….

2006 was quite a year for gaming. There’s a lot to make mention of, especially with the introduction of two new systems last year. After some evaluation, I’ve decided the upgraded Xbox 360 that’s pending will be my next system of choice. I’ve admittedly not been a big Xbox fan in the past, but since they no longer require you to have gorilla hands to use their controllers (talking about the original system, even the revised controllers), I’m willing to give the 360 a chance.

I wanted to cover a few of the highlights of last year. Things that made gaming in general just a bit special. And there’s a little bit of love for all the systems. But to my personal interests, this is what stood out to me:

Playstation 2

Kingdom Hearts II – What Read the rest of this entry

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