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How Could I Not Mention?

1999. So launched the Dreamcast.

This was the last system that I truly fell “in love” with. I didn’t buy one until the Summer of 2000 after seeing E3’s line-up that year. I wasn’t even working at Midway at the time, but my old co-workers let me have a pass if I flew myself out to Los Angeles.

And fly I did.

Bear in mind that was the year of Space Channel 5, Jet Grind Radio, Samba de Amigo, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Seaman, Shenmue, Phantasy Star Online, and a host of other titles. I fell for the system hard.

Of course, the girl dressed up as Ulala that Sega had in their booth was, well, she was pretty much a goddess to me those many years ago.

The system lasted less than a year after I purchased it, but it was a wonderful system, and its star shone brightly for such a short time. From Sonic Adventure to Crazy Taxi to those way too late evenings on PSO, it was a remarkable system, and truly nothing was ever as ambitious in providing new and unique gaming experiences.

If there was ever a Sega moment that I mourned for, this would be Read the rest of this entry

Rants Of The Late Night Gamer.

I got done playing more Super Paper Mario just a little while ago. The game is fantastic, and the art style is just so charmingly well done. I’ve been a sucker for old-school Mario platformers, and this is a real winner. Between that and the Virtual Console’s Punch-Out!!, I’ve been in mini-gaming Heaven.

I enjoy browsing Wikipedia for old game news and franchises. There are so many links that lead from one page to another, that I end up browsing for quite some time if I don’t catch myself. I’ve been looking at a lot of Sega stuff lately: Any new tidbits on NiGHTS (the game looks amazing), and the “glory days” of the Genesis and Dreamcast. I will always be in that camp of Dreamcast should have survived at least 3-4 years longer. It was a remarkable system.

I’ve also been looking up a whole wiki devoted to Phantasy Star, one of my favorite RPG series of all time, in many ways, the only RPG series that could come close to toppling my irrational love for Square-Enix games.

I was probably the only kid on my block to own both a NES AND a Sega Master Read the rest of this entry

Attack Of The Late Night Post.

I was going to go to bed, but I thought I’d update on some of my latest gaming adventures before I call it a night.

Next week is Super Paper Mario, a game that I admit that my interest has been growing over the title lately. Even with all of the hi-tech innovations modern gaming provides, I still dearly love a good 2D platformer. There’s something about a Mario game that I simply never get tired of. Sure, you’ve played it all before, but you end up just coming back because it remains fun. Mario, Metroid, and Castlevania are still three franchises I enjoy the most in the 2D realm. And outside of the Virtual Console, something needed to hit the Wii’s lineup.

Speaking of the Virtual Console, I downloaded two titles this week: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Starfox 64. I saw Ubisoft’s TMNT offering, and just wasn’t impressed. As for the NES Turtles offering, it’s still one of the most sadistically difficult games ever created. I’m somewhat convinced whoever designed the game hated people and took pride in creating frustration. I like the game in a weird way, and while I haven’t Read the rest of this entry

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