I haven’t been updating here much. I moved to Vegas, settled down, and on January 22, 2008, my Father was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. We thought we had at least a year, but the cancer was too advanced, and he lost his battle of February 26. About a month ago. My mind is still reeling from the loss as he was my best friend.

I wanted to at least keep this related to my blog’s subject, and with my Dad, I can. You see, my Dad was a big gamer. He was playing games on his DS and PS2 well into this year. But he was always a gamer.

When I was little, the family got an Atari 2600 for Christmas. It was not uncommon for my Dad to go out and buy a slew of games, as he enjoyed playing things like Starmaster, Robot Tank, and Adventure. It was not uncommon for the family to have to take turns in a gaming roster. And of course, Dad would always play with me.

We had other systems, but the time came for the 8-Bit era. Having a NES and a Sega Read the rest of this entry