Last year, I talked about Crayon Physics, an interesting little puzzler where the User draws objects in a crayon style to help get a red ball to a yellow star. It came to iPhone recently, and while I don’t play a lot of games on my phone (it’s my phone, for the main reason, and I don’t want to run down my battery, not to mention I own a DS and PSP), I was intrigued enough to check this one out.

The most appealing of the game is the ease of use. Draw a line or make a shape, it becomes part of the playfield. At first, I was a little daunted. “What is the right shape”, I kept wondering to myself, before getting into it. And then I realized that there is no “wrong” shape. The “right” shape is what you want it to be.

When dealing with puzzles in games, if one really thinks about it, the player not only has to solve the problem, but solve the solution that the developer has laid out (shoot the creature in the eye, bomb this spot, jump on the creature five times, find the piece of paper Read the rest of this entry