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The MIA Pirate.

I’m still here!

Okay, granted, it’s been a while. A long while. But life sort of got in the way with massively spraining my ankle, a near two week vacation, and a constant hustle to keep gigs in. All of this hasn’t left me much time to play video games, and it’s kind of hard to write a video gaming blog when you aren’t constantly in the subject matter. I haven’t even picked up New Super Mario Bros. 2 yet.

But I’ve done a few things here and there.

For starters, the Classic Gaming Expo. came to Fremont Street at the Plaza this year. While not as big as the one in 2010, there were a few notable moments. For example, there was the usual collection of gaming goods:

I got to play Fix-It Felix Jr.:

I ran into a few old friends:

Yes, that’s Howard Phillips from the early Nintendo Fun Club/Nintendo Power days. I also met David Crane of Pitfall! fame, but he was a little strange about taking a picture with me, unless I went to his talk that he was holding later that day.

But not a bad day. Came out with a few Lynx games (Pinball Read the rest of this entry

Classic Gaming Expo. 2010.

With the weekend over, and friends flying back home, I can finally update on my experiences at the Classic Gaming Expo. that wrapped up in Vegas.

The event was smaller than I thought (though the economy and missing the last two years had something to do with it), it was still great fun, with about a thousand things that I wanted to own (one day, Atari Lynx. One day….). I did however, score a few treats:

Yes, you’re seeing that correctly: Someone made a homebrew of Halo for the Atari 2600.

There were a lot of games there, both original classics that I hadn’t seen in years, and a surprising number of homebrew titles.

The homebrew version of Atari 2600’s Pac-Man is a vastly improved version of the retail original.

As well as those Atari “porn” titles that came out back and the day. Fun fact: The games themselves actually came in little leather cases with a lock on them so that young hands wouldn’t be playing as horribly disfigured Lego duck creatures that were supposed to pass off as humans and their various, er, “naughty bits”.

There was also a row of classic arcade games, with a lot of titles that you don’t Read the rest of this entry

More Interactive Week.

You goodly readers of my blog will find a different format later this week.

I will be attending the Classic Gaming Expo being hosted at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino this week. I plan to be there both days, and I’ll be reporting my experiences there after the conclusion of each show day.

While this is an annual show, the expo did not run in 2008 and 2009 due to difficulties in procuring a spot (so I have been more than ready to see what this show is about for a while now). There will be plenty of gaming memorabilia, gaming legends from the earliest days of gaming, and competitions held. And I’ll be sure to post pics of some of the cooler things I find.

This is the second gaming convention I’ve been to in Vegas. I briefly stopped by EVO Championship Series when it came to Caesar’s Palace a few weeks back, but I wasn’t there long enough to see anything more than a few matches being played, and knowing that I don’t want to go up against those guys.

More soon! On to the show this weekend!

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