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Post-Christmas Gaming.

You know, as we reached the holidays, one would think the concept of “free time” would be easier to attain, yet here I am a month later. Fortunately, I’ve got a few things to discuss over the remainder of the week, but for now, let’s talk the best time of the year: Christmas gaming.

For starters, I picked up this bad boy for my holiday decorations. I hadn’t planned to until I saw it in action, and then was committed from that point on.

For the rest of the holidays, I finally got an iPad, meaning that I can try out games on that platform now, and I also got a cool movie theater themed popcorn maker. Not a bad haul.

But as for proper games, I got two nice selections for Kinect: Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Just Dance 3.

It’s hard finding games for Kinect, and strangely, the best looking titles are essentially “kid’s games” (I still want to play the Sesame Street game).

But Kinect Disneyland Adventures is a near-perfect rendition of the Anaheim park, right down the Captain EO Tribute and the chairs in the food courts. About the only thing that’s missing are Star Tours and the Indiana Read the rest of this entry

Hallmark’s 2011 Gaming Ornament.

I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed in Hallmark. After 2008’s clever Pac-Man arcade ornament and 2009’s Galaga ornament, I hoped the series would continue.

But in 2010, the closest we got to a video gaming ornament was a Light Cycle from Tron Legacy. Not that I’m complaining, as the film and gaming are most definitely linked.

This year, it’s another Tron ornament, and despite my hope for a classic Light Cycle, or Tron, or the MCP or a Recognizer, we get Clu’s Light Cycle.

Don’t get me wrong: More Tron is always good, but I was hoping for a little more variety.

But if you really want to stretch for another gaming ornament this year, there is this nice Lego Star Wars one:

After all, the Lego games are most definitely a gaming franchise in itself.

But I’m starting to think I may never get that Zelda or Mario ornament now….

Hallmark’s 2010 Video Game Ornament.

Sadly, we’re not getting a cool arcade machine this year, a la Pac-Man or Galaga this year. But we are getting something.

I’ll just as easily take a Light Cycle from the upcoming Tron: Legacy film.

(I’m not going to lie. I’ve always hoped for a Tron ornament to eventually come out, so I could hang it on my Christmas tree.)

The Next Hallmark Arcade Ornament.

Last year, it was Pac-Man. This year, it’s still something just as awesome.

This year’s arcade ornament is….

(Also of note, I changed my icon to be a little more appropriate for my blog name.)

Happy Holidays From Myself, Atari, and E.T.

Funny how the commercial was better than the game, but it does remain one of those Christmas memories when I was excited for the concept of playing E.T. on my Atari 2600….

8-Bit Jesus: The Album.

Need Christmas music is the tune of 8 glorious bits?

Your answer (and album) lies here.

Why is it that I love 8-bits and sprite based art so?

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