I did a post on my thoughts a few months ago on what I thought about the whole concept of “casual” game, and how it represents a dumbing-down of the gamer mentality. As expected, I got a few messages that said I was “mean”. My thoughts haven’t changed since then, and Nintendo’s E3 showing did little to change my mind that the playing field has become unbalanced. I do think, however, that my last post was more thoughts off the top of my head, and perhaps not as concise as I wanted it to be.

The whole “casual” conversation is a pretty redundant topic now, and one that I don’t expect to revisit often. For starters, I don’t think it’s the gamers themselves. I never have, and there’s nothing wrong about welcoming new blood into what is a fun hobby. What I’ve had issue with is how developers/publishers treat this new and growing demographic, which is funny, because the demographic has always been there. It just never reached mainstream news. Anyone who’s ever read a few issues of Nintendo Power during the ’80’s and ’90’s knows that someone’s five year old was plowing through Super Read the rest of this entry