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Quick Update.

I’m in the process of redownloading all of my Wii games. While Nintendo’s customer service is unable to really do anything (we both realized that), at least they tried to do SOMETHING. I would hope that they will address issues like mine and other people to their repair center to put a stop to this. This isn’t how I would like to do business with a company that had long been a favorite of mine.

I’ll finish downloading my games, and I’m going to test the drive myself. I have an extra Netflix disc, so I won’t have to worry about ruining another $20-$50 game is this system is doomed to the same scratching fate.

My 360 is also coming back very soon as well. I’m personally looking forward to Game Room again, and hope that they worked out the massive amount of bugs that plagued the introductory release.

(Lord knows I need to play some Pitfall!)

Update On Some Blog Stances.

I’m set to speak to Nintendo’s repair center in order to air my grievances over this last repair, so let’s see what happens.

While it looks like I will definitely be shelving my Wii, I will still be talking about older Nintendo consoles and games. I can’t say that what happened has totally clouded my established memories of growing up with Nintendo. Certainly, their current repair business model seems “completely broken” in the most gentle wording, but I do have a lot of fond memories of my older systems, and it would be foolish of me to suddenly dismiss previous Nintendo titles as “lesser” games now, when they’ve provided some genuinely revolutionary content over the past few decades.

But this change goes with the old adage: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….” The reality of the situation is that I’m now stuck with a “broken” system again that I expect to go out on me at any time now considering the level of “service” that I’ve received in the past six months and three units later.

It would perhaps be more sensible to purchase a new system that’s not been touched by Nintendo’s “repair” center Read the rest of this entry


I got my Wii back today. For a second time now, their repair service has blatantly disregarded the notes that both I and their customer service reps have left them that I want my system REPAIRED, not REPLACED. As a result, I have ended up with my third “blank slate” system, bereft of all save game data, without even as explanation as to why.

I have been a Nintendo fan since the 1980’s, from the Donkey Kong arcade game, to owning my first Game & Watch systems, to the NES…. With the exception of the Virtual Boy, I owned all of the Nintendo consoles.

I won’t get into the full details of the letter that I just sent to Nintendo customer service, but it’s become clear that their repair center techs either lack listening/comprehension skills, or just simply don’t care. After all, it’s easier to just replace a system than to diagnose a problem or attempt to repair it.

I’ve no interest in starting over with all of my games again a third time. I don’t want to sit and download games for hours on end again. Nintendo’s archaic attempt to be “different” has resulted into no way Read the rest of this entry

My Wii died yet again today. Same problem as the previous console had. I mean, really? What are the odds?

I spoke to a new rep at Nintendo, and she was friendly enough, and seemed moved by the debacle that I went through last time with losing my Dad’s Mii and all of the other data associated with my old system. She told me she’d leave a big message to keep what data I have on this current system. I want the old customer service that I used to associate Nintendo with. Is that too much to ask?

So I sent off my Xbox yesterday, and my Wii today. My entertainment center has a big gaping hole where all of the consoles used to be.

I’ve had the worst luck with consoles lately.

And The Final Verdict….

And the follow up?

Apparently, something was broken internally with the “Sync” button (by the SD Card slot) so that they couldn’t access my system (it worked fine the day I sent it), but they couldn’t access my system at all, so they replaced it altogether.

For compensation, I’m getting a Classic Controller and access to download all of my games again (which I have to delete off my SD card since it’s not compatible with this new system), and redownload everything all over again.

3 years worth of gaming experiences. Likely over 1,000 hours worth of gameplay accomplishments achieved. Gone.

I don’t think I’m ever going to look at my Wii the same again. I really don’t know if I have it in me to start from scratch all over again.

To Wii Or Not To Wii?

I’m in a real conundrum as to what to do with the state of my Wii right now.

Back in November, I had to send in my Wii to Nintendo’s repair department because the system started scratching discs when it would access them. A call to Nintendo and $90 later, I sent in my system and got it repaired in less than a week. Same system, all my save data was accounted for, and the problem seemed resolved.

Until last week.

I had the issue happen again, but since I was under warranty, the replacement only cost me the shipping. Same as last time, I told them to please fix my system as opposed to replacing it, and please be mindful of all of my save data. I was assured that even if they were to replace my system, all of my data would be safe, and unless they had to access my system’s memory, there was nothing to worry about.

I got “my” system back today. The first thing I noticed was that the serial number was different. Then I read the documentation. Nintendo doesn’t really make it a point to tell you what they did to Read the rest of this entry

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