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Do You Sell Your Games?

I’ve been contemplating this for a while now.

I’ve sold games before. Sometime for money, other times for store credit to put on yet more games. I’m viewing my expansive collection now, and wondering: Should I do it again?

Not for money or credit this time, but more to really just weed out the “classics” versus games that I’ve just amassed, but never really use anymore. Part of me likes the big collection, the chunk of gaming history that I’ve amassed, and there’s a certain sense of pride associated with it, but there are times that I wonder if my collection’s simply getting too big at this stage, and are the “merely okay” titles diluting the overall impact of the collection. Do I go for quality or quantity now at this point? What’s more impressive to you?

I could see myself keeping classic gaming anthologies, as I feel that they are “collected works” of this hobby’s history. Same for the games that I’d factor into my “Desert Island” scenario. You know, the one that if I had an incredibly long extension cord and access to TV I would take with me. I’m just wondering if I Read the rest of this entry

New Readers.

I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a few new subscribers to my site. First off, thanks for reading. It’s good for me to know that I actually have an audience on here instead of me rambling endlessly into the digital void.

For those that are new to my site, I actually used to work in the industry for nearly a decade. I’ve been a lifelong game before and after that time. I cover all types of genres and ratings (from “E” to “M” rated), for a variety of platforms.

If you want to know more about me and my interests, feel free to ask me whatever to get to know what I like to play, or whatever gaming related questions, fire away.

In the meantime, new readers, why don’t you introduce ourselves? I’m going to try to look through your own blogs to see what all of you chat about.

As they do in Space Invaders, fire away!

Where Has My Blogroll Gone?

I’ve been doing the “gaming blog” thing for a while now. Over the years, I’ve gotten a small, but regular readership that would usually comment on my posts, but more importantly, provide me some new reading material on the hobby.

I’ve noticed more and more this year that my “regulars” have disappeared. Not so much from lack of interest, but just in general. With the exception of one blogger who still posts as regularly as I do, and another gaming blogger that has returned to the fold, the gaming blogosphere has seemed to disappeared. 4-5 of my favorite blogs haven’t updated since the beginning of Summer. Others longer.

What happened?

A lot of my regular reads just stopped without a “I’m bored/I’m busy/I’m quitting” post, and while it doesn’t affect my own interest in wanting to post content, I do have to admit that I miss the network of fellow bloggers.

On the same token, I’ve gotten a few new readers stepping out and making comments on my blog. In that regard, “Hello!” Feel free to “follow” me if you’d like to. Don’t be shy.

At any rate, this was more just a inquiry post as to what Read the rest of this entry

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