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Back To Form.

Has it really been a month since I last posted?

Sorry about the hiatus. The “real world” has kept me busy of late. A long, drawn-out house-buying saga that I won’t bore you with here, and a very nice vacation which let me to Pensacola Beach, New Orleans, Dallas, and the Grand Canyon. When you have to travel, travel in style. All that, and my birthday last week.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been gaming, though. I downloaded the Super Star Wars trilogy for the Wii, and am just about through Super Empire Strikes Back. For a while, I thought my gaming skills had atrophied as I couldn’t get Han Solo past this one troop carrier in the Echo Base levels on Hoth. The series is well known for its sadism, but Good Lord, that was harder than anything else in the game.

Left 4 Dead introduced its new “Crash Course” campaign, which is supposed to bridge the first two campaigns into one cohesive narrative, but honestly, I can’t tell how. Sure, there’s a crashed helicopter which is assumedly from the first campaign’s hospital finale, but that’s about it. The biggest disappointment is Read the rest of this entry

E3: Microsoft & Nintendo.

I have to admit that I was pleased in regards to several upcoming offerings for the 360 and Wii during this week’s presentation. While Sony put out some things, I’m just more interested in the two mentioned companies for this outing (that said, I’m still waiting for Dissidia for PSP).


The biggest thing was Project: Natal and Milo to me. Natal sounds a bit like either the EyeToy or Sega’s Activator peripherals, but I’m sure the technology has advanced a bit since then. I watched the preview on Xbox Live last night, and conceptually, if it does what it claims, it could be really cool.

Milo was… creepy. That’s not a bad thing despite my choice in adjectives. It’s creepy in that accurate way Seaman was, where he man/fish hybrid could understand you and engage you in a fairly responsive conversation. Milo can read facial expressions, tone of voice, “see” things you do. The demo seemed cool, then the last few seconds got amazing. It’s made by Peter Molyneux (of Fable I and II fame), and he always makes big claims. As long as Milo doesn’t follow me around complaining that he doesn’t have Read the rest of this entry

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