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Injustice: Gods Among Us: Post-Script.

I have been very impressed with Netherrealm’s track record. Their Mortal Kombat relaunch was excellent, allowing the studio to really craft a deep and fine-tuned game free from the shackles of ruched development that Midway often subjected their games to.

And now, Netherrealm has decided to try their hand with the DC Universe. This isn’t new, of course. They did this years earlier with Mortal Kombat Vs. DC, a game that I felt didn’t get enough credit considering it was the last game caught in Midway’s financial woes. And honestly, it’s hard merging a universe of characters known for explicit killing against heroes that simply never kill.

That doesn’t mean they can’t beat each other senseless, however.

Oh, and that happens here. Because the rules have changed, and when you’re dealing with characters that can level cities, it has to be intense.

*small spoiler, but you need to know the plot to understand why things are the way they are*

And the story itself is. After Joker tricks Superman into destroying Metropolis and his family, Superman no longer restrains himself, crushing anything he doesn’t like, and creating a new world order that establishes “peace” through control, fear, and subjugation. Read the rest of this entry

Back Again.

Finally, after a few weeks of being MIA, I’ve finally returned to what I hope will be a normal posting schedule.

Being that my personal schedule had gotten the better of me for well over a month, I didn’t have a lot of time to play video games, which in turn made for a very boring blog. It’s a little hard to write about something when you aren’t able to bring something to the table.

But November, which is absolutely teeming with gaming goodness in the form of a new Zelda, Skyrim, and Mario‘s 3DS debut, I’ll have things to cover.

I have put in some gaming time this month already, however. I’ve been playing Aliens: Infestation for the Nintendo DS, and am finally getting my feet wet with Batman: Arkham City. At least I can post some initial impressions about these two.

Long time readers knew that I was waiting for the DS Aliens game. A video popped up a few years back on YouTube, then was yanked down, and the game disappeared into the shadows for a long time. So long, in fact, that I figured that it was canceled, and my dreams of playing a 2D Metroid style Read the rest of this entry

Why I Dislike Store Exclusive DLC.

Look at these costumes. For any Bat-fan, this is a treasure trove of history. But like most games today, they are all store exclusive pre-order DLC for Batman: Arkham City.

We’ll likely get the costumes at a later time, but they will undoubtedly be paid DLC. It happened for Mortal Kombat, so here we go again.

Do you remember a time where things like this were actually awesome in-game unlockables?


This Month’s Gaming Find.

I couldn’t resist a particular eBay find, especially for the price:

I found an Atari Lynx for $20.

The system is in pretty good shape, with only a few minor (but manageable) screen scuffs, and a copy of California Games in tow. Considering how much these usually run for, I found it a good deal.

I also decided to pick up Batman Returns for the system, as it looked amazing to me at the time, so one can hope it lives up to being envious in Babbages all those years ago.

It’s an interesting system overall. It’s about the size of a brick, so it definitely feels meaty in the hand, and of course, backlighting technology in the early 1990’s wasn’t as sophisticated as it is today, but at least it’s serviceable and adjustable.

So now that I have it, does anyone have any recommendations as to what games are good for it? I’ve seen a few interesting looking titles, and the system is fairly full of popular arcade classics of the time, but I’m hoping that some of my old-school brethren can give some solid suggestions.

Personally, I think it’s a much cooler system than the original Game Boy, but like Read the rest of this entry

Batman: The Brave And The Bold: Post-Script.

Considering that I completed this some time ago, I’d be remiss in saying I’m a little late to the game (as it were) for this write-up.

Batman as a video game icon has had it very good of late, same as the Wii as been enjoying a nice stable of traditional 2D side-scrollers. Fortunately, both of these tropes remain in full effect in Batman: Brave and the Bold.

I personally think the show this game is based on is brilliant. Younger Batfans may not get the seemingly “corny” references, and that it doesn’t seem as “authentic” as Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. If you were a fan of Batman before the last decade’s two great films, you’ll “get” this show so much better. It references art styles, storylines, comic covers, the 1960’s TV show…. It is rife with Batman history, and easily the most loving homage to the character that I have ever seen.

In that respect, the video game is a loving homage to the show which lovingly homages the Batman mythos.

This is four new episodes of the show, complete with Batman and ally taking out a random villain, the show’s opening title, and then springing directly Read the rest of this entry

Best Gaming Commercial I’ve Seen In A While.

For next week’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold on Wii and DS.

I do love this series. And by extension, this commercial.

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