One of my most favorite movies of all time is The Empire Strikes Back. I think it’s a brilliant film, still free of all of the Prequel and Clone War era nonsense, and it was a childhood favorite of mine. It’s hard to believe that it’s hitting its 30th anniversary this month.

As for Avatar items, I’ve bought one or two in my day, the majority of anything being holiday related, but it’s not a serious interest of mine.

And then they had to go off and do this.

Not just one item or article of clothing that’s kind of cool, or noteworthy. No, they had to go off and make all of these great items, which I am going to fight hard to resist.

And then I saw this:

A freaking pet Tauntaun.

I am so weak. I tried to fight it, but I’m just not that strong.

A vicious cycle, this is. Want my Xbox back, I do.