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Random Thought of the Day.

If there ever needs to be a random gaming crossover, I want to see Shadowgate Vs. Battletoads. Largely because the sub-title could be awesome: “Kicking Ass and Taking Brains”.

If someone ever exploits the mutant toads fighting in a castle where death is around every corner idea, let me know. Also, don’t forget to send me my check.

Arcade Oddities: Issue 2.

While not so much of a true “oddity” (though the gameplay itself is pretty weird), I happened to stumble across an old arcade game that I always wanted to play, but never found it.

How long did I wait?

Try 10 years.

The game in question is Planet Harriers, an offshoot sequel to the Space Harrier series. I remember reading about the title back in 2000, and being that Sega was on a roll back then, I really hoped that it would have found it’s way to the Dreamcast.

Surprisingly, I actually found a working machine in the Stratosphere of Las Vegas. The gameplay is typical Space Harrier, except your heroes are more rock stars or baseball players or even nurses that fly around and use lasers.

There were a few “classic” Sega shooter touches. For one, players can collect money to visit shops and buy more health or weaponry. If the character dies, Opa Opa from Fantasy Zone was there to give players a chance to continue or lift them off to the great beyond. While the gameplay wasn’t the usual sweeping alien landscapes, the enemies and the weird bosses certainly fit well within the style of the Read the rest of this entry

Arcade Oddities: Issue 1.

I wanted to do this feature a while back, and just never got around to it. But I’ve finally decided to “get on the horse”, and other related productive cliches.

The whole purpose of this feature is to touch upon the “weird” arcade games out there. The 1980’s were known for a bizarre number of games based off any given subject. Some worked, while others really make one wonder what crazy trip a programmer’s mind went on to create some of these ideas.

Regardless, it should be an interesting history lesson for my readers not part of the arcade scene, while for others, you can shake your head and go “What the” all over again.

To start with the first edition, I bring you….

Disco No. 1 ( Nihon Bussan/AV Japan or Data East)

The game was similar to Qix, in that your main character (a dancing guy on roller skates) went around the discotheque in an attempt to create completed the boxes. The bigger the box, the higher the points. But in this game, it was also important to trap the female dancers in said boxes (who look like they are convulsing profusely, and not so much shakin’ their groove Read the rest of this entry

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